White Sox Win World Series of Baseball

I cringe on typing in the world part knowing the world does not like the title, however nonetheless....


Now I go and try to telephone my father, he is a happy man.


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coward. Show my post. Only 2 countries compete in a so called World Series. What a piece of supreme arrogance.

What crap from anonymous. The World Series of Baseball is just that: the World Series of Baseball. The name comes from the 1880's when the United States WAS the only country in the world playing baseball. The World Cup, on the other hand, didn't come around until the 1930's as an international sporting event with an associated "World" naming convention. True arrogance is thinking that Americans should feel compelled to change the name of a sporting event that has been around for 130 years because modern Europeans feel like crying about it (crying being something they learned from athletes in the World Cup, who always seem to be rolling on the ground in tears). If Japan wanted to hold a World Sumo Competition, do you think American's would whine about how arrogant the Japanese are? And Andy, why are you apologizing? Are you ashamed of who you are and where you come from? Have you been living among people who look down their noses at America for so long that you adopted their attitudes and hate yourself now? Pathetic. Truly pathetic.

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