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I keep thinking about Singapore, where or how did they create this city in the middle of Asia? I has to be one of the most organized, clean cities on the planet. Beijing in China is like this, however it is too big and too much, however does the same.

I am thinking that somehow Singapore is something I do not understand, the culture is still very Asian and you see scattering of people doing what Asia do... However for sure there is a ruling force in this country that is fully connected with some master plan.

I am Manila, Philippines and this place is 10 times more dirty, however has a lot more Ice Cream Flavors of culture and better for me, however I am not normal, so I would assume the malls and boardwalks of Singapore are great for a tourist that does not want to get dirty.


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Someone I know spends a lot of time in Singapore...

I cannot remember for sure, but i think the story is something like:
lots of war, evwerything is destroyed
fights for independance

i think that was it. would make sense, if you rebuild all at once, you would be able to plan more than if something evolves over time.

The town I live in in England was a "new town". After the world wars ended, they needed to create big habitation cheap, so they actually planted and built new towns from nothing or little. Stevenage, where I am, swallowed up about 4 villages.

They simply planned everything and set it out, so the roads, cycle-paths, walk-ways and so on all make sense and are named according to themes etc. Very easy to get about. And there are purpose located schools, shops and pubs and churches all over the town to help build local community.

Of course, 50 years on from then, it's evolved itself and looks a lot different. but it still has a co-ordination to it that works.

I think that might be similar to Singapore... a team of people looked at a load of feilds and saw a town.

In the spirit of sharing knowledge, I just found a website: german wings seems to be a low-cost airline.

can fly london to Stuttgart for £1 UK ($1.80 US approx). Stuttgart being not too far from Frankfurt, and the gateway to Asia...

I used Germany Wings to fly from Malaga Spain to Frankfurt, Germany, a very good airlines.

I found a great list of LCC or Low Cost Carriers on

ah nice one, thanks :o)

I'm still trying to find the cheapest way to India from England. I can fly from London to Mumbai through STA Travel for £232 or so UKP. Was trying to see if it was cheaper to fly to Cologne, then go frankfurt-India, but there are so many airports it takes forever to figure out!

I don't envy the logistics of what you do, even if I envy the lifestyle!

My gut or instinct says the cheapest way to get to India from England is to fly to Turkey and then arranage another fare to India.

This is how find the cheap published fares. I do a search on the ENGLISH link of this site from place to place and then I search for the airlines it list in and go direct. The LCC or Low Cost Carriers are still cheapest. No doubt that getting to India is difficult. Many Brits though watch TV and take Charters

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