Singapore Airport

I think Singapore may be one the most modern tourist places I have entered.
The airport has free carts and free Internet, they are really thinking in Singapore on how to be of service. The place is extremely clean, the only place I have seen this clean is Estonia.
The secret to cleanliness is lots of trash bins, people will throw trash in the bin if there is a bin.
I leave in two hours for Manila, I am in the "No Man Zone" of the airport in Singapore, I have cleared the passport controls and waiting for the gate to open.
Note, normally they stick all the free stuff on the outside, then put you in a pay to play or do anything zone on the other side while we wait. I am in the waiting zone and Singapore is still providing service.
Hard to say anything bad about Singapore, other than it is very expensive, however it cleaner than about any European Country for sure and safer than most. Sort of a very clean version of Bangkok with less people however they do have these high end massage places and bar girl places.
The perfect place to take that fat wife that wants to shop all day.

Thanks "Life is good"
Andy the
Travel Journal
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Very well stated about Singapore. Only thing I don't like is the government situation. Most locals thing the political situation is a joke, but very effective. The airport is great, Huge internet kiosks in the terminals before you go through immigration, must be about 30 computers that offer some great access. For shopping there's lots of variety but prices aren't so great. Head to Lucky Plaza or Sim Lim Square for electronics; everyones ready to bargain. For everything else chinatown is the fav for the locals.

I think universally, the prices in Airports is 5 times the local prices.

For someone waiting for more than an hour in an airport, yes, singapore airport is really great with its free internet, free carts and very comfy chairs really designed for long sitting..

Singapore aiport is my favorite , if i am travelling i usually choose an airline with stopover there. One can get a free city tour if your stop over is more than 5 hours... i have known some people who would choose long stopovers there to avail of the city tour....

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