Research and Travel

Research and Travel
Wednesday October 12, 2005, 6:24 AM

I am a researcher at heart, I find I am constantly collecting data, most of it useless and I will never use, however some of it I do use. If nothing else it a way to learn about the world. The more information I collect the more I understand the planet.

What spurs me on sometimes is the over abundance of DANGEROUS information on the internet.

Just the other day I met a very nice Canadian couple in the internet caf้, this is also a place to buy bus tickets as is normal in Thailand. They just purchased a round trip bus ticket from Bangkok, Thailand to Siem Reap, Cambodia the location of Angkor Wat. They were having this annoyingly confused conversation with the person from Thailand that was selling the tickets. They wished to know about the Visa back into Thailand, or if their 30 day Thailand Visa would work for them to enter again.

NOW… The problem is the word Visa; this word elicits an idea that you received some type of special permission. They received a 30-day Visa to enter Thailand as they entered the Airport. It sounds like it was issued for 30 days and they control this.

It is just a 30-day permission I told them.

If you enter again, you start again and get another 30 days.

If you want to stay in Thailand for years, you just need to cross a border once every 30 days.

Burma cost 5 dollars last time I crossed, and Malaysia is Free, Cambodia and Lao are difficult and expensive. However, you can get the Cambodia, Permission to enter at the border.

The couple was genuine, wanted to find answers, however they was asking the wrong people. Just because they sell Visas does not mean they know what they are selling. Moreover, the Thailand people cannot speak English normally well enough to explain or understand anything more than yes or no, and you always have to suspect what they say.

Crossing a border is probably the most complicated and hard to explain procedure on the planet. Being there are about 312 countries on the planet, there is also 312 types of passports, so there could be 312 separate types of rules for each country on the planet. The possible answers are crazy for most people. It comes down though to those in the … “WESTERN” world, which is a confusing word also. However mostly means Europe, USA. Australia and New Zealand maybe should include Japan.

I think literally it mean the WEST, as if England is the center of the planet and it was for most Sailors starting to explore the planet.
All of this is confusing; however, I am doing research so I am trying to figure out the bottom line references. I have decided to collect all the borders crossing of the world. I already have all of the countries that have borders and know of many of the problems. For example if a person leaves by boat and goes to another country, is that a border crossing? Is all of the countries on the Mediterranean Sea bordered on the other countries, you can leave one and enter the other.

You could get on a boat and find you cannot enter one country however, everyone else on the boat can, and this is a big problem for Sea Captains.

What I need now is this.

An extremely good, not just good, however an extremely good, the best world Atlas possible to buy with all the cities on each side of a border down to the names of the road, numbers on highways, I need to know distances. There is essentially a city on each side of all borders. These are the cities that I need to know to help people cross a border.

Research or curiosity is needed to travel all the time all your life.


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Hello to Andy from Lost Budgie in Toronto

Mrs. Budgie is from Thailand, so we are now following your journey with extra interest.

I notice a few posts back that you were having problems with "spam posts" by advertisers just looking to put their product on your website.

I had this problem as well, and I solved it by turning on the "Word Verification" option. This stopped that nonsense cold.

You'll find it in your Settings menu, then "Comments" and "Show word verification for comments" (turn it on)

That will take care of those nasty bot programs that have been giving you trouble.

Good Luck and God Bless

Lost Budgie

It would seem to me that an atlas that big would be better suited to CD ROM or internet than books. Sure, it would be more handy in a fix for a book... but a hefty old weight in your pack for the hobo.
Maybe they shoudl print it on that paper they use for small bibles and dictionaries... very thin.

yes, I can also verify what Lost Budgie says... word verification works a treat, and won't turn most readers off posting unless they don't have a graphical browser... and most people do these days. times have changes for the better.


I can find good city and road Atlases for USA and Europe, however on CD Rom hard to find great maps for the rest of the world.

I have not learned where they have put up the best Atlas on CD Rom, who knows. I am in Thailand, not in the USA, they speak Thai here, I cannot ask questions, although they will sell it.

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