Internet Base Needed

Internet Base Needed
Monday October 10, 2005, 1:12 PM

I think there are many people who dream of retiring and traveling the world, or better yet, they wish to go travel the planet and still work. I am doing this more or less, however it is extremely complicated and confusing to do what I do. I dream of figuring out a way for people to do the same. I have observed a few people doing some of the things I do with my site, however they all seem to work only when they can connect their computer to the internet. I work anywhere on any computer.

There is a difference between a world traveler and a person that just wants to work in different places around the planet. I have discovered many people that move to cities for many months, normally they will get a cell phone, apartment, and move in, buy an internet connection. This is very time consuming to find a home, and really just makes a person have another cage they will want to escape from in the future.

I believe I know why they do this, they feel so disorganized they must settle; find a station, a base, and a spot where they can control their day. Thus giving up the freedom they THINK they want. Freedom is a very insecure feeling for most people; really, people do desire to have rules, and a boss to tell them what to do.

I have gone into a few Hyatt and Sheratons or big hotels and found or used their “Business Centers.” In many expensive hotels, they are making it brain-dead simple for a person to work. However this cost them 100 U.S. Dollars per day, and I am paying 6 dollars per day here in Bangkok and doing the same, however with a lot more confusion for the average person.

I have walked into TWO internet cafes that provide all of the business services needed to Fax, Call, Print a letter, or connect my computer to the Internet.

There are many signs on doors that say that all of these services are offered however, in 99 percent of the cases it does not work.

I am thinking about going to Manila, Philippines presently because I know I can walk into a 24 hour Internet Caf้ that gives me all things I need. There is one also in King Crossing Tube Stop in England.

I am talking about places that are cheap, less than 3 dollars U.S. per hour to use, to live in another country and pay 100 dollars a day defeats any reason to live there.


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I was in London a couple days ago. In one of my favourite streets, Charing Cross Road (full of bookshops of second-hand books, great prices for poor people like me) and I see many men holding plackards pointing to cheap internet access. I never used them because I am an hour from my house and I'm never that desperate for internet. However, I will be living in central London when I go to study. So If i check any of them out that are any good, I will post you directions.

I cannot reccommend what I have not tried. But I can say there are lots there... just not if they work or are cheap. But if you're in london, go to Charing Cross Road. If nothing else, buy and sell some books... it's attached to Leicester Square and Tottenham Court Road tube stations... in between them.

If you're lost, Ask someone for "Foyles" bookshop, and you will be on the road and can see the cheaper shops round the corner.

I find books here cheaper than amazon... I rarely buy books new.

I am retired and I love travelling.

To circumvent the constraint of Internet connection from a desktop computer or laptop while on the move, I use my Treo 650.

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