Cheap Hosting Wanted

Not a normal post, however I know there are some really smart people out there, I am wanting to test a couple of hosting companies with some of the web sites we are constructing. We need Sql database capacity.

I need host that someone believes is perfect. To me the perfect host has a great support system with a queue ticketing system, a forum and reply to emails within a couple or hours. They also have to reply to all tickets, not skipping any question.

Cannot be a reseller and priced under 10 U.S. dollars, NOT a Windows Server.

IF you are techie, then you should be able to post this in the comments, this would really help me keep all these host located in one place to peruse. Note I am looking for my regulars to write or comment, I will trust you more. I have a great host for we have a need of diversification though for protection.

If you have already written me about host, please comment again, I am on the other side of the planet, hard to stay totally organized.


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Hi there Andy,

I'm using HostGator, and have had a very pleasant time with them so far. Here are my rough site uptime stats.

I also hear good things about DreamHost and Media Temple.

Glad to hear the call to arms is out! Way to use your audience! We're happy to help. :)

By far the best I have found is

They have $9.95 unlimited everything on Linux servers. It has SQL, PHP and all that stuff that you need. They have been in business a while and know the deal. I strongly suggest you check them out. I use them for my site.

Robert Burns
The Prudent Traveler

hi i offer unlimited hosting for only 5 pounds per month that is around $3.70 please contact me at

hi i can offer good hosting with good support ( ticket system ) but i can work a plan out to siut your needs and come to a payment amount just goto and open a support ticket with the exact requirements


Best $ cheap hosting start from $2.99

Hi buddy,
I have just started my own company, after searching for the perfect package, i believe i can ofer you whatever package you require, for £4.50 a month. All you have to do is choose what you features you want, anmd i will do them all for £4.50 a month.

I currently use, superb price and I have found them to be really reliable.


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