Blog Log Journal or Diary

Blog Log Journal or Diary
Thursday October 6, 2005, 5:29 PM

I am having many qualms about my online blog; I started this about two years ago, the newsletter started about six years ago. All in all I am wondering what I am doing. I have been able to look at other people blogs and I am not doing the same, theirs are different. I am not sure, I am not clear, I am not able to read blogs, I am for sure not able to read them RSS or XLM feeds. The best I can do is read newsletter and it seems like newsletters are on the way out, I am not sure. The world I would think is jumping the gun, the anti-spam world is creating a situation where people will do anything to avoid getting an email.

It appears that all the bloggers are using these blog systems to create web pages. A web page to me is different from a log, however the more I look at blogs the more I think, these are just web sites. The difference is that they post a new page daily or often, I was thinking this was a log of my work on something. I could blog on my endeavors or research on specific characteristics of development. I thought it was a collection of my thoughts, not a collection of well-written articles. I think they all want to be writers and the blog makes it easy for them to not take the scrutiny of being a real writer, or the let down when they do not succeed.


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I have a collection of journals that my grandfather and father have written going back over 70 years. My own series of journals goes back ten years. For me, my blog is an extension of the journal for all those things that don't fit neatly within the format. A random collection of thoughts and memories with no theme and no intention of ever publishing.

I read your blog not because it is well written (and it isn't, a fact you have admitted before) but because you take me to places that I have never been. Likewise, I write a blog not because I am a wanabe writer as you suggest but because maybe I can take somebody to a place they have never been.


A blog is what you make it.

Most people's blogs consist of simple or obvious comments on the industries or subjects which interest the authors. Few detail how a person's life or journey is progressing. There just aren't that many people interested in progress. Relevance is much more important to them.

Your blog is unique and you shouldn't question it beyond considering whether it helps you meet your goals.

RSS feeds are a popular way to make blogs accessible, but most people have no idea what they are. The last statistic I read said that only about 19% of Internet users even know what an RSS feed is. Even less people know how to use them.

My favorite blogs are written by experts that have substantive opinions on a particular industry or technology. You fit into this category.

I do wish you had a personal editor :), because you've said a lot of profound things that are probably obscured because of typos or grammar errors. The blogs and pictures on Niger were illuminating.

Keep writing,


Andy my friend... I know the feeling!

i've been blogging since the early days of this century. back in early 2000, noone except a few sociopathic nerds with an enormous amount of programming skill knew about blogs and blogging.

I got dragged into it via a site called "Open" and ended up having to learn HTML, CSS and all that gubbins just to make something go bold, or to create a single-line-break (i wrote poetry, so i needed this).

back then I wrote about who I fancied, what i thought of the world, where I was at in life, my thoughts. Poorly spelt, poorly laid out, ungrammatical and always either ranty or hyperactive.

when I decided I wanted to study theology, I noticed there were theology blogs. This is how i found proffessional, published theologians were thinking aloud.

and so my perspective changed... I thought maybe blogging could be an accompaniment to books. an alternative... books are aso darned expensive! especially academic works.

So now I have a blog on blogger where I try to be vaguely intelligent. And a blog on Open Diary where I write what I like from "today it rained, and I bought 10 jam dohnuts for 20p on offer. yum." to discourses on my favourite philosophers.

I admire what you're doing here. I love that you don't want to be a writer. I love that you're honest. I love that, sometimes, you offend me, and most times you challange my outlooks. I love that sometimes you spell thigs wrong, or you get grammar wrong. It makes you human and real. I am inclined to believe you. The first time I read your site, I believed that you were a hobo traveler, I did not think "this is a guy making a buck by writing good fiction." And trust me, I'm a cynical git a lot of the time.

So I'd keep going. If this helps you, keep goind. Blogging for me is theraputic. I like to write what I think. It helps me develop ideas, and it helps me look back (and cringe/laugh/cry/rejoice) at where I've come from, and how I've grown.

If you ever decide to retire and write guidebooks, I'm sure they'll be the best damn guidebooks in the shops. However, if you have them edited, I'll send you a stern letter reminding you of your roots!

Midnight sojourner is absolutely right, a blog is what you make it. Some people have serious blogs about scientific projects, some updates it's readers on new technology and other use the blog almost as a diary.

I guess that's what makes the whole blogging thing so great; there's such a variety in blogs contents that it's hard to not find anything that suits you.

Personally, my blog is pretty much only a place where I write down whatever I feel like writing about. I guess it would go under the category "Personal". :)

Anyway, I absolutely love your blog - not because it's "great" in a writers point of views - but, as ed abbey says, it takes me places I've never been. It gives me ideas of where my next trip will go, it fuels my daydreaming ;)

Keep writing!!


its not about wanna be writers ... as midnight sojourner said, its what you make of it. it doesnt even necessarily have to be words (hence the option of wanna be writers is out of question) it can be expessed in pictures.... it can be some queer thought that takes central stage in your head.

You travel a lot, and you have varied expreineces and through your words, you take the people who read your blogs to places that we possibily (atleast I) as of now cant be in but would like to know about them. its a window to a world that I cant be a part of and your writing reflects what you see/feel and its very basic, in a very human tone ... without any editing which makes it more real and less virtual in some ways, which is rather nice.

so not everyone out there is a wanna be writer.

This is Andy

Thanks for the thoughts, trying to clarify in my mind what I am doing and why.

I think reading a persons note, thoughts, unedited is good.

I do not analyze much my writing, I just post, I sort of hope comments can lead me to better answers and perspectives.

I am sad though when the world is afraid to allow us to know who they are and what they are thinking. The world can handle and honest thought, plus a person that made can learn and change if needed.

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