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I have been blogging by email to a blog where I use to collect information on Malnutrition

I was thinking, you can send emails by cell phone, or
I am told you can. I never find a vender that speaks
English well enough to explain this feature to me,
however if this network works anywhere on the planet,
I could blog with them text messages...

I hope.

However I need to make sure nobody spoofs this email

I am not sure if I can post photos by email blog, lots
of toys for all us big boys.

So this is a test.
I am on a Mozilla Firefox browser so no spell check...
heehehe. Does not work with Yahoo Mail.

I need to remove my signature, there are a lot of
small things to remember.


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You can blog by phone -- you can even use a camera phone to blog with and send on it's photos.

I would suggest making a random email address that you use soley for blogging. Maybe make one like or something like that no one knows about and will never find. This eliminates the need to remove signatures and all that.

Hope this helps!

Robert Burns


"I have a need for speed."
Top Gun - The Movie

I am trying to save the double log in needed for the quickest blog. It would work good though if I was to blog by cell phone. Someone said I can send photos, I need to play with this.

Simplicity is clarity.
Clarity is serenity

Life is Good.
I am in the Singpore Airport, this place is one of most well designed airports for service and passengers I have been in on the planet. Them architects should see how the form follows function here.

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