Beaches near Clark Airport

I am in Manila, my next flight leaves out of Clark Airport, it is about two hours north of Manila I guess more or less by bus. I am doing a lot of debating, maybe I will go to Boracay however there is a place many people mention called Puerto Guerrero, I do not have a guidebook and could not buy one in Bangkok. Strangely most of the travelers here or none I have seen have a guidebook either. There are not many travelers, mostly expats,

I am thinking it would be good to find a smaller less touristy beach close to Clark Airport or hopefully very close. Most of the discount or Low Cost Carriers seem to use Clark as their hub, I suppose the government forces them, nonetheless the Philippines is quickly becoming a base for me and could easily replace Bangkok because of the very good internet cafes that are open 24 hours in Manila.

Now if I could find one in Clark or near clark it would be good also, I am doing these great Google Alerts that I receive in my email box on subjects like "24 Hours" + "Internet Cafe" and does searches and sends me the pages to my box. I can then read or look at offline to see if I want to look at and then make a list of better links and be prepared when I go to the internet cafe.

On an either further thread of this idea or a chain of events, I am collecting idea and posting by email to many different blogs.

This is great way for me to do research and when I have time I will go to the pages in the blogs and "Save As" the page and read the better one, suss out the essentials and compile into a database. Hopefully I can snag some researchers to help from India or the Philippines.

I am collecting information on the words, Starvation, Malnutrition, and Famine for my research of the Niger problem, making good progress and now have a lot of Nutrition Calculators.

I do not know what I would do if I did not have projects when I traveled, most travelers seem to either steer toward drinking, drugs and / or dating the locals...

My collection of links on Malnutrition:

Nutrition Calculators

From Robert of

Software: Nutrition Calculating Software (Bill)


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Nat again from the travel agency in bangkok.The reason low cost carriers using far out airports are not always due to government regulations.

A low cost carrier must cut down
on expenses,the main airports usually have huge landing fees!

For example a B737 using a one hour turn around at frankfurt main airport may have to pay up to 5000usd on fees.

Ryanair uses hahn airport and used to get paid to land there to attract passengers to the region!

So not only 5000usd in savings but getting paid for landing there plus cheaper fuel etc etc.

Same for tiger using clark it's just way cheaper so that results in cheaper fares for passengers.

The only downside to these airlines is the cost to get to some of the airports. I had a flight from Rome to Paris one way for 30 euro. I had to pay another 24 euro in bus fare to get to and from the respective airports. it was still a lot cheaper than your normal airfare but it must be taken into account. I am sure it is a lot cheaper outside of Western Europe.

I must say that I love Ryanair as they are just as good if not better in the service department as any other airline. If you catch the right times you can get a free flight just paying taxes. Hearing that they get paid for landing in certain places makes the free or 1 euro fares make sense to me now.

Robert Burns
The Prudent Traveler

I'd go with Boracay over Puerta Galera - it's a nicer all-round destiantion and the beaches are way better.

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