Bangkok is Convenient

Bangkok is Convenient
Thursday October 6, 2005, 7:12 AM

A resort is convenient, it is a vacation where you are pampered, everything is figured out, and you spend all your time in enjoyment of life.

However as I continue to travel, I realize the goal of mission of long-term travel, NOT a vacation, is to learn how to live in a resort, however not be in the resort. How to make you life easy, simple, balanced while you continue to travel from place to place.

My friend German from Bogotāš, Colombia told me I need to rest in places. This is very good advice, I now am trying to travel for about two months a little on the rigorous side, then find a place to live in the resort. I am not going to live in a resort; I am searching for the places like Bangkok, where life is convenient.

When I came to Bangkok the first time, I tried to travel as if I did in South America, this is a different place, and I soon learned this did not work. The method of traveling does change from country to country and continent to continent.

This is probably the biggest weakness of guidebooks, they do not explain the cheapest way to travel. Yes, they do give you hints, however most guidebook writers only know a few countries or areas. When a person that has spent six months in Southeast Asia goes to South America, life is very different. Fortunately, very few people visit more than one continent.

What makes a city convenient for me?
1. Large grocery that has the price on labels is walking distance from my hotel and less than 500 meter.
2. Internet Cafes are on every corner.
3. Hotel allows me to put a padlock on the door. This makes me relax.
4. I can buy most anything in the city.
5. Taxis are either all the same price or an honest meter system.


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I can see the world through someone else's eyes...err.. maybe words would be more apt.

being in a new country everytime and meeting gazillions of people from different races, getting to know their culture, getting a taste of it, it all must be a lot of fun?

You are priviledged. :-)
Hope you count your blessings.

taxis in britain are rubbish. too expensive. I only use them when I can't do anything else. if it's too far to walk, or unsafe. (or if i can charge it to someone on expenses).

sometimes if i go out and drink a bit too much to walk home safely, I will get a taxi with friends. cheaper that way.

this is why i find it hard to believe people tip the taxi driver in other countries... here it is too expensive already! I guess i assume everywhere is this bad.

buses are better in most parts of the country though. and trains are reliable and cheap (ish). London is great for public transport... can't wait to live there next year!

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