The Proper Balance

I am sort of sad today, Niamey is really getting on my nerves, I keep asking myself...

Why should a person go to Niger?

Why should a person go to Niger?

Why should a person go to Niger?

To see a camel?

Most people are not going to care about meeting people in a village and eating hot Yogurt milk out of bowl, they want a more glamourous lifestyle.

I am in this made-for-NGOs hotel or boarding house, it is very nice, and cheap 6000, that is about 12 Dollars U.S. and in Thailand I would be in the D & D with a Swimming Pool for the same.

However it has a kitchen, I opened the fridge door and the fridge is full of Beer, and a few vegetables which is good.

My thought, what am I doing here, I am helping people to learn about Niger. This is an good Islamic country that does not drink, smokes cigarettes a lot, and is not radical.

However they are poor and they do not need to learn how to drink, in the Jangorzo Hotel in Maradi the locals Niger people were watching American Music Videos, drinking beer, the thought comes to me.

-First do no harm.

-First do no harm.

The NGOs are bring their bad habits along with them, this place will be a catastrophy if they learn to drink like South America or Asia.

Am I helping or hurting this country, I do not like to do something I am not sure of, so the only safe thing would to say not to come.


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I think wealth and indulgence go hand in hand. You cannot give someone a better life without giving him or her more power to make bad decisions.

I don't think it is whether or not people are pure or impure in action. The question is whether they have the resources and opportunities to express their true natures.


I leave Niamey in the next few days, I go to Cairo, Egypt, then to Mumbai, India, then to Singapore by way of Thailand.

The opportunities offered to, or presented by the NGOs are only about 5 percent positive, I see very little good being done. I do see the Red Cross and the Doctors without Borders doing good.

Give a person food or money is not providing resources. Giving money for the John F Kennedy Bridge in Niamey is providing infrastructure to help the resources. I see a lot of talk in Niger and almost zero effective benefits of resources provided.

I definitely agree. NGOs seem to be long on idealism and short on effectiveness. I'm just suggesting that to a certain extent, bad lifestyle choices will emerge as wealth increases.

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