Richard Quest

Richard Quest

Richard Quest is on CNN, I like Richard although I am cautious, I think the majority of news commentator on CNN should be taken out back and shot for trying to lie to the public or be controversial to make CNN richer at the expense of the public’s naïve nature.

I want CNN and BBC, I have no choice, it the only companies that make enough money to create a world newscast, and I guess EuralNews is growing.

However, I just watch Richard, his words are controversial however chosen better chosen, not trying so hard to hurt.

He has this fluff subject or show about business travellers and he just mentioned a - Juice Bag - a solar powered bag to power up a laptop.

The cut it off and did not finish the sentence, however I have been thinking about a solar powered system so I can travel to the jungle. I need the BGAN email access and electricity to travel away from the path. I probably can get the electricity from the truck I would use, however maybe I need to walk, and then what, I need the Juice Bag that he alluded to, I am now trying to figure out how I can keep the solar panel on the outside of my bag so I can absorb electricity. If I am walking I am not collecting, it has to be on the top of the bag.


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Hi Andy, In response to your request for a solar charger one may use while walking; there are several companies selling flexible mat roll-up chargers in all sizes and power specs. I came across them a while back when I was researching on the net and checked again so could send your readers some links- they are even more advanced now so getting one for yourself is just a matter of doing some research on the various styles etc. deciding which you like best and of course paying for it. Though some are not specifically made for hanging from the top of a backpack per-se they almost all have a hook so with some small adjusting you're all set.

Here are some links you can check out. I had found a company before that I thought was best overall but I am not finding it now and the info is on my home pc, however if I find more good info on this I will forward.

Hughes Solar Energy Corporation
A global provider of solar power systems and supplies.

Equipping people, business, homes and research projects with abundant Solar energy through better Products & Know-How.

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