No Photos of BBC in Niger by

I was going to go and take photos of BBC while they filmed in Zinder a couple of days ago. After Talking with Ahmed of the Doctors without Borders, I respected his request to not turn this into some type of circus. These are small children and the last thing needed is for me to be trying to photograph BBC for fun.

I will track down BBC another time. I have taken photos of some children in the Red Cross Nutritional center. I did this with the utmost respect and as quickly as possible.

So sorry, no photos of BBC.


I do not work for BBC, I am Andy of I only place photos on the net and no cinema type films.


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Want to write today, that September 11, 2005 is the 4th anniversity of the horrific attack on the civilians in New York's World Trade Center Twin Towers, United Flt 93 in Pennsylvania and the Pentagon military command center. Please give pause in thought for those and the heroic first responders that joined them at all costs.

Thank you.

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