Niamey to Maradi Niger Bus Trip

Niamey to Maradi Niger Bus Trip

Two very happy beggars outside the windows of the bus, I gave them coins, as no legs is way to get me to give money in the missing a member requirement is reached. I also am in the bus and we will leave, so these two cannot make me a mark.

What is this?
The boy next to me called it - MIL- Maybe a French word, maybe an Arabic word, however it looks like corn, could be sugar cane, however not thick like I normally see sugar cane. I am not sure.

This some form of nasty tasting nut or crunchy thing, what is it? I am not sure, however for sure it is bitter tasting.

Bob - his name is something I cannot pronounce said this is a place where they store the - Mil -.

Look close, I think this is sheep, as told to me by Bob, I have not seen one sheep and I think he means it is a goat. He did not say sheep, he just baa or baah like a sheep and I said sheep and he agreed. I think we have a hand language problem. I am pretty sure this is a goat. I suppose they leave the tail on this so you can be sure it is not a rat.


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"Mil" ... I believe that's Milo Maize (or just "Milo"), an animal feedstock. In the corn family of cereal grains. We fed it to cattle amd pigs.

Mil is short for millet. Eaten all over the world by people and animals for thousands of years. The bitter nuts above are Cola nuts. They are a mild stimulant, but do taste very bitter.

Yep, its millet. I lived in a village near Maradi for two years. I've eaten a lot of millet...

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