Cairo to Jerusalem

I am hoping to leave by bus tomorrow or the next day to Jerusalem by bus, I am thinking this Mazada tours will work again, however not so easy to find here in Cairo.

India now says I will have my India visa at 12:30, I was first in line today when they opened at 8:30 so they seemed ready to help today, they said it would be one more day, so they changed for the better, however I do not have my visa yet, so I am crossing my fingers.

I cannot buy tickets until I am sure, so it just make life a rush.

I will go to Jerusalem, hang for a day, then go to Amman Jordan to try to buy the ticket to India, I am really wanting to see how big of Gate Amman Jordan is for Air Traffic so I can add to my Construct your own Around The World Plane Ticket page.

I am going to India and I learned there are some cheap airfares now inside of India, this is really good because I can pop down to Goa for 43 dollars one way, this is wonderful, I am adding them also soon.


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hi my name is luis, i was wondering how much did the bus ticket cost you from cairo to jerusalem, and also, how often are the buses going to jerusalem because i will arrive to cairo the 29 november and i am planning to visit jersalem the 30 but i cannot find bus ticket from here (budapest) what can I do, or what do you recomend me. Thank You

It is about 55 USA Dollars each ways more or less and leave really one time per day. You need to buy in advance.

That link has the information.

where do you get the tickets in Cairo, which bus is that. also how long does the journey take? how bout visas etc

how to get driect bus from cario to jerusalem? where i can book the bus ticket online?how long i can get to there? pls help me, thanks a lot!

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