Rogets Thesaurus says Arab is Hobo

I picked up this on with the Google Alerts, an article written that defines in Rogets Thesaurus as a Hobo... hehehe

Hope this link works to the newspaper online article.

Click on the top one if it breaks, on the blog.,0,2953859.story?coll=ny-region-apnewjersey

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he he people are too sensitive. It is an accurate definition. We shouldn't use it as a word, perhaps, but we shouldn't lie about what things mean. it's long been known here as a word like "urchin". in the old times, street children and chimney-sweeps were called "street urchins" or "street arabs".

i once heard a christian preacher express anger that the first definition in the OED for "Jesus" was "an exclamation of surprise, dismay, etc."

people need to be less anal most of the time. we take ourselves too seriously.

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