Pyramids of Egypt Photos

Photos of the Pyramids of Egypt

Ok, Mom and Dad gave me the word, go take photos of the Pyramids, we are waiting...

Maybe there is a window that allows us to look back in time.

The Sphinx

There is a gate or fence that keeps a person from the best photo locations of the Sphinx and I got in trouble once for climbing.

This is Charlie Brown the Camel, for 20 pounds you must take a ride I have decided or fight with the driver all day, I gave up finally, this is about 5 dollars U.S., and my Camel Driver was nice.

I asked, will it bite, I was trying to get close enough.

My camel driver.

Camels, Donkeys, and Carts are available.

I think this is about twice as tall as Tikal in Guatemala, however the Mayans would also build on the top of a mountain, for sure this is wonder of the world.

This is the size of the stones.

Camel Caravan, actually it the drivers taking many Camels back to the barns.

Very large stones, this is directly in front of the Sphinx.

This is fight, a very big argument, my driver says this is over money or how both the Pyramid Guard and the Boys are wanting money. For sure you may as well pay for a tour, or ride a Camel or you life will be very difficult.

This is a great place, amazing.


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These are some great pictures! I especially like this one.

Wow you are my legend, 50 countries, I am going to have to know go through and count up my trips.
Love the pics, esp the 1st one
Travel is the best teacher.

One of my favourite desinations has been the grand canyon.
The Grand Canyon Of Arizona:
How To See It
by George Wharton James

Geoff, I know exactly what you mean. I just got done doing a solo multi-day backing trip into the Grand Canyon last weekend! My first time there -- what a blast!


Hey Craig - Wow awesome photo's
I need to find all my phots's and put them up.
and tell the little story about nearly dying.

The Grand Canyon is just a magical place

Thanks! I feel like I could only do so much with my little Canon point & shoot (SD300).

I've got a wonderful story to go with the pictures, which will be available on when I bring the site live in a few weeks. :)

When did you go? We went in September and there was scaffolding around the Sphinx. I wish I could have taken photos of it without the scaffolding. Check out our Egypt photos

Strike that, we were there on August 8th, 2005 and the scaffolding was there in front of the Sphinx. It appears you were there on the 5th?

Congrats Andy for creating such a wonderful world on internet. I was doing some research on Egypt when I came across your website. The Pyramids look just fascinating. I wanted to travel to Egypt in July to attend an event with some of the most influential chefs from around the world. Chef Vikas Khanna is organzing this "The Living Pyramids" which is also considered as the world's greatest food event. Khanna is a chef and this is just a tip of his resume. What a way to think, tis is a series of chefs events, here is the link

Hey, Craig! Your photos is best! ;) Thank you.
I go to Africa at january, it's my photos -

Way to go Craig, too funny Andy the guys name on the blog...

I love this sigt.


These are some fantastic and great photos I plan to visit egypt with my son ,for a treat on his 40th birthday in June 2010. I hope my pictures are as good as yours.Thank You,Elvis has left the building. Dave ,Roebling,N.J.

its awesome

Who ever has made this pyramid is very great human beings i salute them to make this visual in real base and thanks to make the egypt so beautiful

I used these pictures for my year 3 class as we are looking at ancient egypt-they absolutely loved them!!!

these pictures are so cool...... u did good!

its very good because we learn many things from this site many thank for u

these photos are magnific, ive never seen anything like it before in my life, im amazed by them and after seeing these photos i think i will move to egypt and live in a pyramid, how much do you think it would cost? i am so excited , my life is going to be changed forever just because of seeing the awesome photos, thank you !


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