KFC Cairo Egypt

KFC Cairo Egypt

Kentucky Fried Chicken in Cairo, Egypt.

I have been having some trouble finding good or acceptable food for me other than peanuts in Egypt, so I have gone to this KFC and had the Spicy Extra Crispy Chicken Dinner.

It is not cheap and cost five dollars U.S. for this meal; I tried yesterday to cut the meal down only two chicken breast. I guess they do not understand the world breast so they gave me to backs.

They also do not understand a queue or what “Extra Crispy” means, however I am very surprised at the really great quality of the food in this place. I am even more surprised to listen to the English Language Radio in the place and the person that was trying to give away or let a person win 500 Egyptian Pounds like an American Station.

The normal person here on the street does not speak English; however, there are many things in English. I am feeling this is one of them class system cultural things, where the rich class makes the rules, therefore to separate themselves, they have many things in British English so the normal person has the feeling he does not compete. A class system is enforced by the….

Pay a lot method.
Speak a special language method.
Not looking a lower class person in the eye.
Not talking to a lower class person.
Wearing special clothes.


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I can't wait until I start getting comments like this.

The sign of success!


Just digging into some of your old stuff as I calm myself from a day of screwing up my webpages haha.

Wade from
Song of the Open Road Travel Blog

What is Alexklimentos' problem? Maybe he has lived in Egypt TOO long. He also must have, "less of and education." Nice grammar.

Andy, there are lots of places you can find good food in Cairo - what in particular are you looking for?

Also, the cultural feel of Cairo is French, not British. And increasingly American, as the fleet of yellow school buses will prove. Again, your criticism doesn't quite ring true to people like me who have spent a lot of time in Cairo.

Today I had another person from Egypt. May 2008, I am in Guatemala.

I rejected the comment, this is one of the most deleted post on my blog.

I read it again, trying to learn what I said that makes people so angry. I delete the comments, people do not get to argue on this blog.

I read it too times. I think the problem is I was accidentally 100 percent accurate.

Too funny, I had moderation off on the first comment, now always on.

Egypt or visiting the Pyramids part has to be one of the most annoying set of people on the planet. I have never seen a more agressive group of people.

However, this KFC was Great, that is my hard part, I went to this KFC daily. I am not about to learn Arabic in Egypt... hehehe I already speak French and Spanish, Arabic is good, but these countries are hard to muster energy for as they are bleak in ways.

Africa Arabic is more fun.

I do think about reading, but, who wants to listen to an Arabic teacher with a British Class system problem and a little dingy taking the piss and belittling me...

I guess there is not way for the Egyptian reader to win here.

I guess, do not learn English and stay in Egypt, the solution.

I think the not ring true is a comparison. People who live a long time in a country like it, I have lived a long time in 77 countries. I have a big amount of contries to compare.

And for Brits, well any Brit looks down on an American, this is normal, we are the peasants that snubbed them.... hehehe

Egyptian people are nice, helpful in a I cannot be bothered way.

On my list of countries to avoid.. do not even think about returning, however is in the way if I want to go by land to Africa.

Now, everyone that is now very angry... think... please
This is an internet page, get a life, go read a different page, do not hype yourself into a frenzy. Use the mouse and click away.

i agree about the part that conseder KFC.. in egypt SUCK.

vary nice food

well i think the food here is delicious...

depends what ur palate is tuned to
if its bland as sausage or pork chops... u wont like typical egyptian food ..

as for KFC - dont u like get that everywhere???
if u wanted to eat KFC -why did u bother coming to egypt to try it.
shud have saved urself the fare and the hotel expenses

someone said to me once... in rome do what the romans do...
hint hint!!!!

smile, be happy, keep those around u happy and be content with life. afteral many poor souls are less fortunate... thank God for what we have

Haha, thanks for the pic, I was googling the phone number for kfc and found your pic lol! cheers.

lol ... ME TOO .... this picture is like an Ad .. for KFC in cairo ... :)

Yea me three .. thanks for the number !

I lived in 3 different countries .. and right now im in egypt doing medcine..

honestly .. I'd give egypt a 4/10 as an overall rate .. ( its kind of generous rate though )

I dont hate egypt .. i just wanna finish studying and leave for good!

thanks for the number again lol

( Verification: 3 + 4 = ?? .. I had to use the calculator for this one :p )

I love KFC and I am ordering right now

i love KFC , never had it in egypt though.

last week i was in cairo , i called kfc 19019 and i made order , they told me your order will be ready after 1 hour , i think its to much time but i dont care then after one hour theres no body bring my order to me , i called them second time they saied that theres some body called them and cancel the order!!!!!
really baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad service and worse delivery , it was the last time and i will never take or buy any thing from them

Hmm....I've been in Egypt many times and I think you are dead on. Even though I really like Egypt and have found people to be wonderful (except in the case of tourist areas - really pushy, yes) there is definately a class system. I noticed it from the first time I was living here 10 years ago and again and again as I have returned and stayed many times. Thanks for the photo of the KFC scooter. I was looking for the number. :-)

19019 is the most respectable service all over Egypt. Moreover, KFC is the most delicious taste between the whole fastfood restraunts. However, sometimes the order is not brought very fresh but it is always brought before time.


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