Finding a Way

Kim sent a quote to me about finding a way.

"We must either find a way or make one."

Hannibal's rode elephants across the Alps...

Ok, we are making progress on the Niger Visa, it sounds like Mr. Rich at the USA Embassy is going to help, many correspondence and communications with Senator Richard Lugars office and also with Mark Souders office. Plus a letter written by Kim to Mr. Rich that seems to have maybe helped us make progress, I am hoping to talk with the Niger Embassy tomorrow and they say yes to the Visa.

Thanks for the help!

However, I do not have a Visa yet, so I am still trying to "find a way or make one."

I wonder what language he spoke, I am not familiar with the history of Hannibal and Wiki seems to be empty, I need my Encarta Encyclopedia back in the room.

I will go look at the Pyramids in the time between I buy the ticket to Niger and the plane leaves, probably about two days.


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You know I couldn't help looking for some Hannibal info. Wikipedia has a bunch of great info:

From what I've seen, he spoke a form of Hebrew, FWIW...

I cannot believe I did not find that in the

This is good, lots of information on Hannibal, it is an interesting phenomenon to translate a quote from one language to another.

Keep persevering!

"The drop hollows out the stone not by strength, but by constant falling."
- Plutarch

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