Lithuania Architecture Photos

Lithuania Architecture Photos

This arch is leading to somewhere, I suppose to a courtyard, this is very common here in Vilnius Lithuania. I see on the older and the newer. This does not have a gate, a gate would indicate to me a problem with theft and safety. This seem on the minor levels of safety problems, however the courtyards is a safety thing for sure.

Older Arch

I call this a Second Empire, however it was not only Napoleon who used.

What is this? I took photo from bus.


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that last picture looks cunningly like a de-commissioned windmill. There are a lot of them all over Europe. They used to have huge sails that powered machinery to grind grain into flour. Most of them, now, have had the sails removed and are either abandoned or converted into a home or sometimes museum.

This structure reminds me of a bomb shelter which Germany had many of. They are often built above ground. But they should normally be constructed in high density population areas.
This one definately looks like concrete and I never saw windmills constructed from concrete.

This is in the center of a small city by the name of Panevezys, Lithuania in the North.

I do not know, it just does not seem like the windmill I have seen, however I do not chase widmills, however I would like to chase a few dream around in Lithuania.

This could also be some kind of silo for storing grain or potatoes. Ther seems to be an acess at the top with a stairway on the outside, which silos often seem to have.
Who knows what this is.

It looks like a stone building with rendering on the outside to me. A bomb shelter or silo wouldn't have windows?

I reckon it's a converted windmill... but then I like windmills so i'm biased.

You are right Ash, this is an old windmill. Now it is without sails. They turned it to a restaurant these days.
I was borned in this town.

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