Latvia Boy Hitchhiked Iraq

Latvia Boy Hitchhiked Iraq
I am in Riga, Latvia now, and will stay a few days, was going to leave quick, however I need to hear the whole story.

I received an Email from a man living in Riga that Hitchhiked across Iraq, he is a member of some Latvian club of Hitchhikers. I think there are people on the planet more crazy than me, nonetheless we talked, he will return on Sunday and I will hear the whole story.


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Hitchhiking in Iraqu sounds too crazy and actually suicidal to me, but maybe there is something I do not know about how safe it is on the roads of Iraque. Hard to belive, but Ansy please let us know what you hear about this guys adventures.
My first reactin is to think that this guy is how we say in germany spinning "Sailors Yarn" which means in German "Seemann's Garn" spinnen.
This means a story to simply impress the listener. I am quite sceptical i guess.

This guy is real, I know Iraq and he understand how the place works, the streets, people, food, etc. He could never read enough to bullshit me, I will talk with him again on Sunday.

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