I am proud of England

I keep thinking how proud I am of England for kicking butt, and taking names on this London Bomb problem, three people arrested in one day and in less than 8 days after the situation.

I always call them a brother to the USA.
A mean older brother, however still a brother, hmmm.. does that make France a sister? France is trying to leave the family...


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he he he France will always be different. That is why I like France... They don't really care what people think... in their eyes they are great, so fair play to them.

And they do make pretty good food...

I have downgrade the rating for French Girls, many seem to look like they been run too long. However the accent is still grade high.

Hi Andy,

it was a good day indeed. As one ex-cop said on the telly they are stupid people not hardened terrorists, the prat who run to Rome was using his mobile, everybody knows that these days if you're on the run they'll track you with your mobile. The other two pathetic fools were made to strip and exit the flat in their underwear, do you know what they said before they would come out................."How do we know you won't shoot us"!.........Haha.......All hail the mighty Islamic suicide bombers and their desire to enter paradise eh?

They were sad, weak, "internet warriors" who bit off more than they could chew. Any more room at Guantanamo Bay?

They should be drugged up and stuck on a lair detector machine.

Do you know the biggest insult to my security? Asian and East African groups are complaining that they are being targeted under police "stop and search" powers. Are they thick or what. Should the police be spending their time searching white, catholic pensioners? I think not. The Islamic community need to accept that they have a problem and stop behaving as the victim all the time. If Muslims are trying to blow things up them Muslim's should expect to be searched.

Thanks for the chance for a rant.


France is like or spoilt little sister who sulks when she doesn't get aqttention from the brothers hehe

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