Counter Strike

Counter Strike 1.6

I do not know if they pay or get it for free, cracked etc.

What is the number one video game as I see it?

Bolivia has these annoying kids taking up all the machines.
Lhasa, Tibet has these annoying grownups using all the machines.
Here in Marijampole Lithuania, there is this game program.

It is what I see as I cruise the planet

Counter Strike, some soldiers following a gun around through rooms and courtyards.

My guess is CRACKED


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Man, havent you changed a lot since the last time you went over the borders! Andy Hobo has changed! For one thing, he is soliciting comments---( sigh

Counterstrike is a very popular first person shooter all over the world. I use to play it myself and it can be mildly entertaining. I am now so wrapped up in work and research that I no longer have time for it. I honestly feel better learning something useful instead of playing an online game.

Andy, Please contact me about some of the work you need done. You can reach my through my site:

My e-mail is on the contact page and you can tell me which of the projects that you want me to do first. I don't mind doing the research and data entry as it will help me too!


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