Auschwitz Delay on rain

I have not been able to go to Auschwitz Concentration Camp because the last couple of days it has rained in Krakow or maybe Cracow Poland. It is outside and covers a lot of land, I really do want a good day.

Stuttgart Germany
I purchased a plane ticket for about 87 Euros from Krakow to Stuttgart, home of Mercedes Benz this morning. I am skipping Czech Republic until I have enough time to do it correctly, plus it is in the way of my travels so I know I will enter eventually.

Note... the girl in the Hostel describing how she was wall to wall tourist on some famous bridge did not make me excited. Europe is heating up with tourist and I am wanting to hide.


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Realmente debeis comprender, solo el analisis os puede ayudar, la trascendeltal relevancia de los mensajes que recibe vuestro cerebro (solo cerebros v.4.7 en adelante) cada dia y el mensaje del dia es:
Es urgente debes conocer la Costa Tropical de Europa, venir a Almuñecar la clave está dentro de ti. Y tal ven en:

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