220 110 Room Heater

As I am sure I am boring many of you, however just an update for the gadget people of the world who follow along.

I am making some progress on making a 220 Volt of 110 Volt Room Heater or Hot Plate with a fan. They sell the heater coil parts and the ceramic material here in Krakow, Poland. I have devised a way to make a very simple hotplate. I have purchase all the basic parts, how I am trying to assemble with... well no real tools, however I am good, so will accomplish something. I need to buy the extension cord going to the device, or wire up.

I really want one of these to work, I am on about my 7 attempt. The big challenge is to make this extremely light and run on both 110 and 220 with no problem. Very quiet, small, and needs to use very low watts as the fuses in the world or breakers are bad.


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I am thinking that you need a metal plate for the hotplate, several (even numbered coils below the platter all coils for 220, even for 110) and a centrifugal blower on the side to force air through the coils. maybe a short mini dryer hose to blow the hot air under a blanket

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