Windows 95 in Chicago

Windows 95 in Chicago

I am in Chicago at the Arlington House Hostel, amazing I am on Window or it says it is Windows 95. I have not seen this in years, however they cannot steal software the same as Asia or the rest of the world in the USA.

I will get my new passport tomorrow morning and apply for a second tomorrow.

More updates when I connect my computer to this weird sytems, at least it is free.

Chicago, friendly... maybe it is the great weather.


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how comes you can't steal software in the US?

You can steal software I suppose, however in South America, Central, Asia and most countries on the planet they sell software in the streets for 5-10 dollars a program. Same for movies and music, however the USA is strict on breaking copyright law...

The bottom line though is a public business should not let hundreds of people use a computer with cracked or illegal software.

One of the reason why business succeeds so well in the USA is because a contract is valuable in the USA. You can also collect money if a person does not pay.

This is the secret to wealth, a legal system that functions, it creates justice, also a lot of rules...

not so helpful to the hobo or the money-conscious though I'd wager... ;o)

Of course, there are free alternatives to Windows as an operating system these days...or at least very cheap ones.

and Open Office and Mozilla provide all the rest really.

Eventually, if you sell a product cheap you make more money because more people will buy it instead of ripping you off. if you sell it really expensive, people look for copies.

CDs are cheaper here now. they used to be about £15+ they're now about £9. So now I buy them instead of using Kazaa and stuff, beacuse it's reasonable prices.

self-righteous i guess.

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