Convention Frankfurt Germany Convention Frankfurt Germany

Hmmm... That is pretty big.... I am playing with the H1 in the code, seeing if I can make the more perfect page. Convention Frankfurt Germany

The Berkman group people or the way to smart people at Harvard told me or notified me there is a convention on this open source Encyclopedia that is taking name and kicking a#% on the internet, therefore I have decided to wander over towards Germany on August 4th, to have some fun and learn. Convention Frankfurt Germany


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you might find This useful... it's the W3 (World Wide Web Consortium) tutorials site. Quite a good introduction to CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) which are really the best way of formatting anything to do with webpages.

i use some of it... it's more an extension of HTML than another language (unlike Java), and is very intuitive.

For example:

< *Span style="*color:red;*font-size:20px;*text-decoration:underline;*background-color:cyan;"*>Hello Andy< /*span*> (remove the stars)

would give you the words "hello Andy" in red, size 20 font, underlined, on a cyan background. For one command only, like underline, it's easier to use the tags. but for doing lots of formatting, it is useful to use CSS.

CSS can also format all similar elements in a page (you could set it to make all links red and turn green when you hover the mouse on them), and can also be made into a seperate file which all your pages link to for their formatting. you just make it in Notepad and call it "something.css" and then tell your pages to link to it. Then, when you want to change your site you don't have to change every page, just this one file.

It tells you how to do a lot of that on that website. If you need pointers, email me (click on my name, my address is on my blog). If you know all this already, then I apologise!!

actually, my address is not on my blog it seems. so click here instead.


I have been using Wikipedia for a while and it is great. So much better than Encarta IMHO. Looks like the convention is on my Birthday, August 4th. I am curious to know what your average cost per day is in Eastern Europe versus Western Europe. I have always heard it is cheaper but I would like to see some hard numbers. Please post if you get a chance!



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