Where to Run

Where to Run?
I am feeling trapped here in Berlin, Germany, I am not sure why, however I feel like I am in a box and need to run somewhere. There is no clear path. No that is not right, there are only clear path, however there is No wander the world paths.

People leave here and go to Prague, Czech Republic, or they go to any major city name in Europe. This is much like India, everyone went to the same large cities, I finally had to jump on the buses and avoid the trains. This could be the answer for me here, I need to find the bus lines, stay away from the Typical Trail, I need to find the path less followed. Wow that sounds like a book I know, oh well. Who was it Robert Frost?

I found it in the Encarta Encyclopedia.

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

Robert Frost (1874 - 1963)
U.S. poet.

Mountain Interval, "The Road Not Taken"

Maybe this is the insight that makes these boys famous, they say in a subtle way what we all want, and somehow he was able to explain in a couple phrases what I need in life.
I was getting the settle down lecture last night from an Australian girl, who family is a refugee from some Eastern Europe country.

She wants me to go and settle down in one place and I would attain all my goals. This is really her telling me her goals, there is a belief in almost 99 percent of travelers that you need to go home and get a job, and this will make their life better. I am amiss to understand why people really think they are ok, just because you have a job, does not mean you are ok and you are happy. Happiness is never steady and certain; it is not an event that will happen.

All I really said to start this was to say that it would be nice to have a girl to travel with me.


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My home is where I am, and my job it whatever I'm doing.

Okay, so i have no money, But I'm alaive and I got friend and i got my sandals, so i don't mind much. Money is a means to an end. I do not desire money. Sometimes I require it to fulfil needs. Sometimes I wonder that it might be nice to have a billion cool gadgets and a mansion and twenty cars and perhaps a small brewery and a super-computer and a really really whizzy MP3 player...

But i don't want that really. I'd be bored. I don't understand the philosophy of work in the West. People work 49 weeks a year to fund the 2 week holiday in Ibiza where they get drunk, stressed, and come home feeling rubbish. They work to pay for a lovely house they never visit because they are at work. they pay for a computer to work from. They pay for their car to get them to work. They pay for resteraunt food so they can spend more time working. work work work work.

Work funds work unless you have a dream. if your dream is to travel, then travel. Do not stop until your dream changes.

This is why I am confused with Britain. I am confused with the West... the USA and Britain mostly... we work for work. We are told that we must buy buy buy. We are told that job is fulfilment.

I do not buy into that dream. I want to be truely free, not free to work. I want to learn. And I want to see things.

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