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Webby Awards, what is supposed to be the best websites.

I was watching BBC News here in the Berlin Hostel of Lett/em Sleep.
/ is supposed to be an apostrophe, however I cannot find it on this German keyboard.

Well, nonetheless as I am watching it peaked my interest, I really am not on the internet very much and really unaware of what is the latest and greatest. Therefore I went and looked, did not find much of interest for me, however like I said, I do not have much time. I look for what pops up in my google.com searches. Which by the way this great encyclopedia like source has entered my vision.

I want to know where fun sites are and sometimes I have the shame of knowing my huge website and the blog are very so so in design.

So looking for ideas, I am going to do some small changes in the Blog design, if you would please enter in the comment area below what you like, or what you do not like, or any thoughts.

I am looking for functionality and design comments, if you want to write how I have bad grammar is, or I am ignorant, egotistical or all that, please forget it, I will just delete. I know all this, and it has nothing to do with me that you hate your father and mother and are looking for payback.

Ok serious please give me seme feedback, so I can make this blog easier to read.

Comments please, do not reply to email if you subscribe.

NOTEƖ I could tzpe better if the y and the z were in the correct place for mz fingers on this German Kezboard.


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I like it mostly... Sometimes i find the top of the blog a bit cluttered, but it's not hard to scroll down!

I can't every get your shop pages to work... I wondered if this was because you aren't open for buisness at the moment? Anyway, i'm not buying for about 8 months, so it's not important to me just yet, but it might be important for you if it isn't deliberate...

Yes the top is cluttered, I agree, the buy part is closed until I can fix a lot of problems. There is a lot of miscellaneous and extra links all over the site, this is not just a blog project. However I am thinking of paying a person to layout the top and check and double check, as I am alway half done with form or design,projects, I need some help.

I am happy to advise and help you if you know what you want. I won't charge you unless you want more than i could achieve in my free time (i have quite a bit of free time). I also use the same blogger template as you, so i have figured out how to change some bits.

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