Travel 220 Electricity

Photos of Travel 220 Electricity solutions, it is not a problem.

This is a little device you can buy anywhere they have 220 Electricity, this idea or thought about the problem with 110 and 220 is not a new problem in the world. In the past, it was really a problem, a person with a 110 device could not plug a 110 device into a 220 device, not this is obsolete, and however some are still buying inverters or converters. Yes, there are times when this is needed, however for most cameras, battery chargers, and such they are 220-110 ready, read on the back and you will see your video camera will work in both.

Now the problem is the slotted USA versus the Germany / Europe round prong problem. Here is the simple solution.

You put on the above adapter and tape it to the plug, now you are good go and not problem, easy, like you it in Europe. Note in England you can take a pencil and push the small third hole and it will allow you to use the 220 German type plugs in the weird English square version of something.


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ah yes, English plugs! I'm not looking forward to trying to travel with them. .. As someone who "messes about with electrics" sometimes, I often wonder why we are the only country with Earth. Earth is the third pin... most appliances don't even use earth. Especially now with plastic casings. 30 years ago when eveything was metal, okay, earth was a sensible idea.

even in england things vary. I used to do stage lighting, and there are about 4 "standards" of 3-pin plug for that, mostly round. plus the "euro-socket" which is best called "kettle-plug" which is the 3-pin trapeze shaped plug for computers and kettles.

and then there's heavy-duty cables... some of those are 5-8 pins. it's silly.

but there we go. crocodile clips and solder it is! (if you carry a small bit of solder, you can normally heat an old metal nail with a lighter to melt solder for emergencies. I only recently got a solder iron and i wouldn't travel with one anywhere. Also, make sure you don't get burned on hot nail... needs a handle!!)

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