The Pre-Euro Tour

The Pre-Euro Tour

I am not sure, maybe I can figure it out, however there are a few countries joining the European Union and will change from their currency to the Euro. The price will go up, anyone that wish to visit Eastern Europe should do so before this happens.

So I am on the Pre-Euro Tour, I enter Europe in Berlin and will proceed east...

The ten new Member States that joined the EU on 1 May 2004
Czech Republic

I think these countries will change to the Euro, if you know when, please post in the comment below here, I just know the clock is burning and when they change to the Euro the prices will probably rise a minimum of 25 percent for travel.

I will bin Berlin, Germany - Already uses Euro next monday, the 13 of June.

The Pre-Euro Tour


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if you find a decent hostel in Berlin, i'd be grateful if you posted about it. I'm going there for a day when i travel next year, and the hostel i found on the internet looks nice, but is about £7 sterling... which is okay, it's cheaper than it would be here, but if you find a cheaper one i'd be much obliged :o)

(by the by, i'm going to Germany only to save money on getting to India... I save quite a bit by flying Easyjet to Berlin, staying one night, getting a train to Frankfurt and flying from there. this saves me still enough money for it to be worth the effort.)

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