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I finally got in touch with my inner child, sensing the real danger of Europe, as I am not a big fan of Europe and consider it too much tourist, and too much organizational skills, it annoys me. So much easier to travel in South, Central America or Asia where taxis cost two dollars.

However what are my beefs?

1. I must have a reservation.
Make me pay for sheet, and age restrictions, most of the Hostels have bars below and are really flop house Hostels and do not have kitchens. My solution now it to use: with the guidebook to find the Kitchen and get the reservation, I will stay now at least 7-10 days to relieve the stress.

I need to try:

2. Walking - Way Way Way too much walking.
Europe is the worst, I cannot afford a taxi like the underdeveloped 2 dollar taxis, so I must walk or find the bus, metro. I really am tired of learning every public transportation system in the world and the internet does not explain well.

New Solution to Walking
Since I am designing a bag with wheels and the backpack as was in the past common is being replaced by tourist, I purchased a too expensive two wheel cart at True Value Hardware yesterday. I am going to make a piggy back strap for the second bad or front pack. I hope this relieves my stress, to allow my inner child to live peaceful

Note the big problem with the cart is for a 6 foot male the handle so far is too short, I hit my heels of my shoes on the wheels. The width is also to small, 14 inches is the max for a carry on, so I need 14 inches. This will tip over on it side all the time. But let here go, I am tired of carrying 35 kilos or 80 pounds in Europe.

The world needs cheap taxis with drivers that do not lie.

My new two wheel cart, the handle make it stick to the side of this counter in McDonalds, it has a rubber grip.


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yes, Taxis here are extortionate. but then fuel costs a hell of a lot in most of europe, especially the UK, due to tax.

the best bet is always buses. Tehy ain't great, but they are ok. In london, you can go anywhere in the city on bus and tube for a certain amount... (for me it is £15 because I also have to get the ticket into london from where i live, but i think it's about £7 just for london... which is a heck a lot more than New York!)

if you're in England and you need to get between big cities, check out
you can get around from anything from £15 to £1 depending on the times you go etc. it's made for students traveling to university, so it is generally cheap because students are poor and most of them are savvy about saving money. sometimes you'll get nicked, but you shouldn't get gouged.

as a breif aside, i was doing a google image search yesterday for "fish and chips" and "paper" to show my friend in Minnesota, and one of the better pictures was from your very own site :o)

Yes, Fish and Chips! I was eating the Chips or French Fries for the Americans - Maybe called steak fries daily in Kangaroo court off the Earls Court Tube stop.

No more food talk, I am on a meet

I would get them also to reach below the counter for the Mayo.

Aaagh... hit wrong button.
I am on a diet, so need to keep my mind on celery. Looking to convince a girl to travel with me...

The number one traffic page on is about my Thailand Diet.

As you pack, don't forget you said you photograph and discuss your special gear, the stuff you take to adapt your rooms to what you need.

The Chicago post is wonderful.


Do not worry, I have not fogotten, I am going to do this for next tip.

The problem is space and time.

However, I am thinking Sunday I will have time... Tomorrow

Lots of small stuff in the pack, however now I am back to doing nothing as normal. When I am in the USA I am a collectors of stuff. I restock all the difficult to find items.

Will watch for it!

I think these breathers at home are really restorative for you; shows in your writing, it gets more relaxed, thoughtful and in-depth.

Trust you to find a cool budget traveler-friendly niche in Chicago! I wouldn't have thought it could be done.


Its about manners and ease of life.

Yes, I feel 10 times better, I am in Chicago one of the most agressive cities in the USA and as I waa walking by this black man yesterday morning who was weeding his front shrubs, he said,

I just about died, I said,
"Good morning sir."

What a great country, I listen for the thanks you, please, hello, eye contact, what a great feeling to know that people care.

I almost log in when a person says,
"Con Permiso"
Or any sense of manners.

Nobody wants anything from me here in the USA, I can buy things quickly, service with a smile, same same on many things. I am not worried about getting robbed. Generally thought it is a great pleasure to see the common respect for people. Cars do not try to run me over, they stop. This scares me as I am so accustomed to dodging or running from cars, I do not understand their intentions.

Life is good in the USA, however to understand how lucky I am I had to leave the country.

However as you travel the planet, listen for the thank you's, please, and hellos. Count them and you will see how high they are on Maslows Hierchy of needs.

why is there an ulna on your desk? :)

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