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Candace a writer for Let's Go or Lets Go came into the Lett'em Sleep Hostel here in Berlin a day ago. She popped in, I took photos fast, and she left really fast. She had no idea why I was taking photos, I had to be quick, she was there at most only 5 minutes.

Let's Go

Too much serious, glad I am not a travel writer.


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says a lot about the reliability of their hostel-rating then! not sure i would want to trust the opinion of someone who hadn't slept there.

when are you going to india? Or you already been there?Wanted to know something about india.

I do not trust guidebooks for hostels. I go to hostelworld.com and sort by rating then pick the cheapest from the top 10 or 15. I trust other traveler's ratings more. The hostels are in the books because they paid for it.

The Prudent Traveler

Lets Go seems to have better maps then Lonely Planet here in Europe, however Lets Go is more of a Europe guide only. I like all guides and always use them, Hostelworld is a party rated system and mostly ignores security, safety and money. However 90 percent of Europe Travelers seem to be on Mamas money and traveling on a shoestring or over three months is not what they are doing. These are budget tourist.

I look for the kitchen and lockers, and only choose them on Hostelworld.com. This greatly limits them, however Hostelworld.com is not much good outside of Europe. The best places to stay in Europe, I believe are not in the guidebooks or Hostelworld.com.

I have been to India for four months, hard to talk about anything and everything. Go search on my site. The blog is only about 1 percent of this site.

Robert why not make your link clickable by using html?

Note I will go to India this year for a couple of weeks. Probably around Christmas.

I call the Let's Go, Let's Gay due to their inordinate amount of attention spent outlining Gay hotspots.

Andy- we can't use HTML to make links on your blog. I'm not sure why, but it doesn't allow me to...

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