I enter the learning curve

I have entered the learning curve, I am completely oblivious on how to travel Europe for fun, to me it is normally torture. Today I left the clueless and am entering the learning curve, it is milestone in my travels.

I got up to leave this morning at 5:00 am, and realized I had not packed the night before and even though I had the time to pack, I would disturb everyone, so I delayed. Then I realized, I am nuts, I do not know if there are rooms available in Riga, Latvia and I cannot enter a city in Europe without an idea of room availability. This is like making a choice to sleep in the park, no reservation in Europe is like say, no problem, I will live in the park. Only the stupid say or elect to say no problem to walking around for three hours with a pack looking for a room.

Riga I believe has extra room, however I am or was going to do a cultural exploration and go off this EXTREME path between cities. The path is Riga to Tallin to Helsinki (Spelling) and / or to Stockholm. Some stop at Parnu or something in Estonia, however they will not leave the path, trust me I asked a few to go with me, however the need for reservation beats out exploration.

I am in a cultural bubble called Tallinn Estonia and my gut is saying constantly this is not normal Estonia and I need to find what could be called the Real Estonia. Not possible unless I live here and marry a local girl, however it is possible to get closer to real.

The guidebook is worthless and only talks of the path, not anything about off the path. However I made the two major boo boos and cannot leave today.

Life of Luxury means no hurry, and if tempted, no hurry, how can I be a lazy hobo when I am in a hurry to get nowhere. The next place is the same as where I am, just different day.

I like to travel, I like to live life, however I do not want to live the peoples lives around me, or follow their path. There is a path for everyone, not the same, however shared.

I entered the path of living in Europe easily, however for sure it cost about 50 Dollars U.S. daily to even get close to the luxury of living in South America for 15 Dollars per day or maybe 12 Dollars per day in Asia. Major cost of living change and for sure I will live in a dorm and not have a single room.


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you should get a tent. Some european countries have laws allowign you to camp anywhere for 1 night. I think Norway does this, but you'd have to check for places. but normally, at least in england and westernised countries, you pay a small fee to pitch up, and you get access to showers, electric etc. Normally hostels will let you pitch on their land, and is cheaper than a room.

but tents are not for everybody. I like tents... but i would happily sleep in the forest on just a groundsheet with my sleeping bag. (despite my allergies).

not all places would be safe for tents though... I am used to a decent police force and a country where it is illegal to have guns and knives.. most people are no more dangerous than their fist-fighting skills.

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