Eastern Europe

Photo of Eastern Europe Route
I am trying to figure out a good path or route, this is one of the ideas, I jump to Estonia then move with the arrows down.

Please put suggestions in the comments below


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Enjoy germany first. I have not been, but i will. My friend's family are german. Go to the villages. The Baravian part is beautiful. See the Black Forest. trek through it if you like woods...

Man, don't be foolish....Eastern Europe is unpredictible. No plans, no expectations! Just enjoy it, take your time, travel around. (I am from Czech Republic).

Hello, I do wish to wander around, and really do not want to spoil any country. Extremely hard to be spontaneus in Europe.

I am told in Tallinn, the Old Town Hostel is already fully reserved for August, and it is only July 1, today. This means no room unless I reserve, sorry but Europe just does not seem to have adequate Hostels or rooms at a fair price. Extortion yes, fair no. However I am hoping as I go south they do better in Eastern Europe, Western Europe is almost out of the question for wanderer like me.

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