Berlin Architecture and Recycling

Photos of Berlin Architecture, the beauty of the streets is emphasized by these tall building with balconies facing the streets. I am not positive however; most seem to have some form of courtyard in the middle. Quite nice however in this area the people concentration is very high. I was in some small city in South Germany called Seitingen and there was more space, Berlin is concentrated living. This type of building is everywhere as best I can tell in Berlin.


I believe this is the best way to recycle on the planet, I saw the same system in Spain. They have different containers for plastic, glass, etc. and people carry the items to the corner to dump. Then a big truck come, hooks on the top and the bottom opens to relieve the contents into a dumpster. The plastic crate systems are labor intensive and silly.


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he he we just moved over from those ones to the door-collection boxes here, or at least in my town. We still have the big communal ones too, but they are like dumpsters now with labels, and they are locked into a cage so they don't get stolen. They can't lift the tops like a dumpster unless you are the collection people.

we now have a plastic box for glass, another for paper and cans, and a brown wheely bin for "garden waste" in every house. People are lazy. they won't bother to recycle if it's easier to throw in the trash.

Also, it mean someone now has a job who wouldn't before... combats unemployment and means we don't have to pay as much taxes because less people need the Dole. Or that woudl be true if there are enough jobs from it, i don't know.

They have paper-recycle boxes in my school now too... that is a good idea. Schools waste too much paper.

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