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Berlin Hostel Photos of Berlin Hostel and the Area.

My bag, with new cart, they big bag did not make the tranfer, and arrived later in the night, very good because I did not have to carry it in the Underground, (Subway or Metro)

Lette'm Sleep Hostel in Berlin, Germany, cost is about 20 dollars per night and 18 dollars more than I like to pay, however I must accept living with seven other people and paying this much is normal in Europe…. Aagh, and to think I can live in a private room in Katmandu, look at mountains and flirt with Hindu like girls with color TV for 5, hmm.. Something is amiss.

This Hostel though is a proper Hostel, with Kitchen, Common area, color TV, Cable etc, so no problem to say it is ok, even has four lockers in my room for seven people.

I am on pub block or something, I really am clueless as to where I am living, the description of the Hostel was good in the lonely planet for me, and the person is High Tech contrary to what the guide says, I have Free Wireless connection in my room.

This is a water pump, has a little dragon animal face on the front, I gave it about 10 pumps, the local says it works, very interesting.

Empty Budweiser Beer bottle in my dorm room, they seem to have given it the German shape of bottles and style so they can sell better here. Packaging sells in the world and not what is inside.


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I am lacking in Beer knowledge, however they have corrected me. I was thinking about the popluarity of Bud in England and figured it had transferred.

HERE is comment... NOTE- It would save me a lot of time if everyone commented on the blog... hehehe

Hi Andy,

just to let you know but that Budweiser was THE Budweiser. It's been made for centuries in Ceske Budejovice in the Czech Republic and is well worth a visit seeing as your in that part of Europe.



That is the place i looked at when i was thinking of doign germany (obviously i'll cheack again nearer the time).
in case the link doesn't work, it's called "David's Cosy Little Backpacker Hostel Berlin" and looks rather nice. it's $17.48 for the 10 bed room which is a few dollars less by the sound of it. (im' sure it looked cheaper in sterling!)

has all those lovely things like free kitchen and book-swap..

And to clarify the Budvar beer story, Budweiser tried repeatedly to get Budvar to stop using the name Budweiser, but they have been using the name for hundreds of years.

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