25 Percent Use Sheets

25 Percent Use Sheets
25 Percent of the trolley travelers use sheets in a Hostel more or less and the rest sleep on the mattress.

The costs of Hostel is the price of the bed, then add on the cost of sheets, so far this is only a one time charge of around two Euros or about three dollars. The average time people stay in a Hostel is probably 2-3 days so this adds about one Euro to the price, a Euro is about the same as a Dollars not a lot of difference.

However, I was counting and in the Lett’em Sleep Hostel in Berlin and the Old Town Hostel in Tallinn, Estonia only about 25 percent sleep on sheets.

This is William from England, he is in his clothes and I can take a photo, most people sleep in their underwear, however one had some pajamas. I have only seen one sleeping bag liner, and two sleeping bags, the rest just pull the comforter padding over themselves, (This is suppose to have a Duvet Cover), lay down in their underwear and sleep. To me this is like lying on top of a sheet that has been used by 50 people. I wonder if I they can catch bed bugs, scabies or other fun diseases?

I would sleep in my clothes if I was them, like I was camping, however I sure wish I had some sweatpants, I normally have them, however they all wore out.


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Best method is to take a sheet, thick as possible, fold it in half and sew it together on two sides, leaving an opening in the top. Then you don't have to pay for linens and you don't have to sleep, directly at least, on beds that a thousand others have slept in. If you are creative, you can make the top fold over to hold the pillow (or your own clothes), and have added benefit of not sleeping on others' drool. The German hostels I've slept in have been amazing clean and well-kept, but I still used my own sheet.

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