Uncontacted Tribes

Uncontacted Tribes
I picked up on an article on CNN about uncontacted tribes.

I have been musing on this issue for a couple of years with no direction, mostly just me wondering where...

Where is the end of the world?
Where do the rules stop?

I remarked in the last newsletter that I need to leave the Gringo Trail completely; this is the nature of that comment. I need to leave the tourist and travelers, fantasy travelers, reach to find a place where I go, not anyone else.

There is some big myth about researchers in the world, or maybe the UNITED NATIONS that they are doing research and studying these types of concepts. Really nobody is doing anything more than being a NGO and collecting money from idiots. I have been to some very funky places, I was expecting the NGO's to line up in Silopi, Turkey waiting or trying to do something in Iraq. There was zero.

The Mitterands or Mountain people on the Cambodia - Vietnam border, zero.

Where are the groups, they do not in my opinion have the fortitude to pursue these ventures, this is for the big boys, and the big boys are almost extinct. Not a popular thing in the world to be tough, resilient and arrogant. They want limp wrist more than men, so the big boys are in hiding.

There needs to be some real adventure and bungee jumping is not adventure, like meeting a big dog, exciting, however not really a thrill.

There is a world over the rainbow, and I am smelling the spore, I will start to track, plan, premeditate and attack. This is a little different from my wander the planet mentality, because no matter what you do when you leave the trail you need to bring your own Snickers.

This link was somewhat interesting.

On a Stupid Note
I am in the Platypus common area and some music lyrics are saying to give up the TV, stop the watching, blah, blah, blah...
What is the point, they are also addicted to MTV or the Music, so they brain is in a melodic haze also, just an alternative state.
Music, Internet, TV, is there a big difference, all can be too much, balance is the needed word, plus the abilty to avoid temptations. Contrary to the world belief, I am only on the internet about one hour per day.

Like CNN, mostly stupid, however they do come up with some good, balance is needed.


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indeed! TV et al. are not inherantly bad... they are only bad when we get addicted. Like alcohol. I'll sit here with a glass of whiskey sometimes and enjoy it and that's fine. But if I became addicted to alcohol, i'd be in a very dark place that is a whole lot different.

I think we can watch TV, listen to the radio, surf the net etc. without getting hooked... without relying on it so much that we would re-shcedule a night out if the VCR didn't work just so as not to miss *insert name of soap here*.

of course, i spend longer on the internet than i feel i should. But i'm trying to read more..

Yep, nothing is totally bad, and I laugh when the same people want to watch sports.

Balance in everything is needed, however I have learned this the very hard ways, because for sure I am an obsessive person.

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