Mancora Peru Hotel

Mancora Peru Hotel

Hostal Sol y Mar

Hostal Sol y Mar
This is my hotel, completed with Swimming Pool, and as close to the beach as possible on this stretch of sand. Hard to understand the Lonely Planets rather negative explanations as loud music and some thefts reported. For sure, the music can be too loud and it is possible to be robbed in any Hotel in South America; however, the one they recommend is not a beach Hotel.

HI La Posada

HI La Posada
This is the recommended hotel.

My gut tells me a person that wrote this spent time traveling through Europe where they developed a special love for Hostel International, thinking that that means anything. In South America it means crap, and you should probably avoid them, as in Asia also, as it is only marketing, However the annoying part, and normally trust the Lonely Planet when they say “recommended” or “Popular with the backpackers” is this Hotels is not close to the water and very bleak. I did not stay there after taking a taxi to visit the outside; I saw ZERO people hanging around and decided enough of desolation, and ask the taxi driver. He recommended the Sol y Mar, and he was correct.

Theft is Hotels more about the client and normally less about the owner; you need to make sure you know… Never trust the owner, never trust the staff and you will not donate cameras to them. If you are told the staff is safe, then you will be robbed.

Hard to say anymore about guidebooks as they are becoming more and more disjunctive, the researchers are repeating or using the past information so much, that there are little good clean observations as one guidebook writer is afraid to disagree with the prior.

Personally, I am very careful to choose Hotels on beaches, as they need to be close to the water, or you may as well live in the city. This beach is a little different though because all of the taxis cost one sole, and you can live anywhere and go right to the beach in seconds. Therefore, in reality, the hotel on the beach in Mancora is not necessary, and you can opt for the great in the center hotel close to people and take a taxi to the beach. I am amiss on the fans, they do not seem to have fans, and I am spoiled by Asia and have forgotten just how primitive or rude the South American culture can really be. They are warmer and friendlier as people; however, they have zero problems in letting you live in total discomfort providing you do not complain.

The person yesterday tried to give me a large pitcher of Lemonade with no ice, now they are good in Mancora on Lemonade and give you lots of it for about one dollar, not by any means cheap. This was for 1.50 dollars so I said,

He looked at me as if how could I ask, and I looked at him like if you want cash, to it, this was in the Sol y Mar. The Sol y Mar is cheap, 15 soles for a room, however they go for the gouge on the drinks and food, smart because most travelers will drink themselves blind however complain about the cost of the room, so very smart management.


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Neat-looking hotel! Makes me want to travel right now.

Love it when you show photos of your rooms...and your adaptations of them. (hint hint) One of my favorite aspects of your blog, how you make your environment work for you.

Tring to write an article right now on that aspect of budget travel.


I was thinking about this myself more or less, wondering how people can live in the rooms around the world when they do not adapt them or change them?

I have a light, a fan, backpack organizer for my clothes, many extras that makes it easier.


Keep it up man! You are an inspiration to travelers everywhere. I juts wanted to say that, and hello, and also to let you know your laundry link on the main page was acting up. Keep living the hobo life. I plane to head out indefinatly in about 3 years, and maybe we will cross paths.

Wow! Its good to know that HI has basically NO standards...

I don't think that I have ever stayed at an HI hostel since they are usually not in the best place or far from where I want to be. Looks like Lonely Planet needs to update their books.

Light, fan, backpack organizer,... I know you have (or had) a bucket, and you have a water boiling coil and a long hasped lock, your alcohol stove, your cooking pans. What am I missing?

Me: I always carry a colorful lightweight cotton sleep sheet/hostel bag type thingie. Instant nest, (cleanliness, security, I take my passport, etc. in the bag with me) useful also for laundry bag, curtain, beach blanket.. etc. etc.
Talked to someone who won't travel without an aroma candle, since odors get to her.

I'm having fun with the article, don't know who'll buy it yet, the budget travel market is slim to nothing.


Readers, if you have ideas like this, feel free to mail me at

Hi Andy,

Good to read an independant review. Completely agree with your comments about the Lonely Planet's recommendations. I used to be very impressed with (and rely on) Lonely Planet's guidebooks - especially those for SE Asia in the early nineties. I have found the South America on a Shoestring book the worst guidebook I have ever used. The recommendations are embarrassingly bad and the ommissions are worse.

Keep up the good work


I am in Estonia right now, or as of June 20, 2005 and I am thinking of nominating the totally clueless travel writer award. In the introduction of the Lonely Planet Europe... On a shoestring it says that everyone is fluent in English. I am have extreme difficulty taking a bus around the country. I just sit in Rapla doing sign language at the bus stop to try to get on the right bus, there was zero people in my 2.5 hours at the bus stop that spoke English. We were at the port checking ticket to Helsinki and the two people selling ferry tickets did not speak English. I purchased coffee in the grocery store and could not find out if it was instant, then accidentally purchased expresso.

I think this writer for Estonia stayed in the 5 Star Hotels and is clueless on the word shoestring.

Hi/Hola Andy ! I'm glad to have found this site which means world can be so "lovely" sometimes althought not "nice" things around you might bather?!. And that you liked our land Peru too :).
I've been in Helsinki - Stockholm as well long time ago, i'm sure you'll find some english speakers there, just be patient man =). Hyvää Poika!

Good luck with your journey & dreams come true "always"!

Best regards from Peru, Chao.

Evelyn (

"La Posada de Mancora" is a shame, please do not stay there.

just check the reviews

Just stayed at La Posada and it was fine... and really great for $15 SOLS! We had a pool, great restaurant, pool bar, wireless internet, clean room, and fun staff. They have new management and were really fun. The heart of town is only a 3 minute walk, and the beach is across the street.

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