Coffee Grinder

Coffee Grinder

In a no-name city of Santa Rosa with zero tourist in southern Ecuador close to Machala is a sprawling market on Sunday, no tourist junk, however a potpourri of culture. Here is a man with multiple grinding machines.

Coffee Grinder

Peanut Grinder or a machine making Peanut Butter, maybe Crema de Mani in Spanish.

Cocoa Grinder or grinding the seeds of the Cacao tree, the basic ingredient to make Chocolate.

Lighthouse of Faro off Mancora Beach, these Lighthouse are normally very old, or in place of importance, this one looks new, however, there is always a small history with a lighthouse.

Very funny sign.
No Hippies

I am in maybe the Hippie Hotel on Mancora beach and this is like saying literally that none should enter. They are talking about the dread head jewelry sales persons and not the tourist. There is a sub-class of the no future world, which has no money, and not Mama Money.

Very interesting the Ecuadorians have equated this word Hippie with the trouble, however not a proper use probably.


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Wow, great blog! I'll have to come back to peruse some more because you've got so many great posts...keep it up : D

Better go get some coffee myself.

If I need a grinding machine, how do I go about ordering. Could you send me some samples and price

I need to know how can i order a cocoa grinder and also get some sample

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