I am yet to discover the web link for TAM

This page give a lot of information on how go from La Paz to Rurrenabaque by plane.


If someone discovers the link or if there exist a link please put a comment in the bottom of this post.


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This is Andy, I went to the office of TAM and they said they were making a webpage. The office is not as nice or does not seem professional like the office of Amazonas, BUT BE WARNED

15 Kilos Maximun of luggage and 3 kilos carry on. This is not much.

As I see you now know, I was unable to find a webpage for Bolivian TAM -- although there are unrelated Brazilian and Paraguyan TAM sites. Bolivian TAM has something like 117 aircraft, including old DC-3's and various seized smuggler's aircraft.

More accessible are crash statistics for Bolivian TAM:

ASN Aviation Safety Database - TAM (click on incident/accident links for more info).


LAB (LLoyd Aero Boliviano, S.A.), the oldest Bolivian airline (1925) - 13 Boeing 727/737/767 class jets and 1 Fokker
F-27 turboprop aircraft:


Lab flies both within and outside of Bolivia. LAB route map:


AeroSur (primarily Bolivian in-country flights) - they have an aircraft inventory of seven 727/737's and 1 "nostalgia flights" DC-3. Their AeroSur Pass is lets you fly to 4 Bolivian cities in 45 days for USD $250:


AeroSur destinations map:


Líneas Aéreas Canedo (LAC), a small (1 DC-3 and one newer 4 passenger 680S Aerocommander) Bolivian in-country airline:


I find this page for TAM Bolivia


The official web page is:


Thank you for the link, it is appreciate when you help other travelers.

As usual, the website is down or nonexistent www.tam.bo
Try www.boa.bo (Boliviana de Aviacion) for good fares and promotions. I left Cochabamba for Lpz this morning, the flight was on time, friendly crew, nice n neat. However theyacutere serving only La Paz, Cochabamba, Santa Cruz and Tarija. I think theyacutere planning to add Cobija and Sucre in the near future.

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