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Andy G (Gadget),

I am yet to discover the web link for TAM

This page give a lot of information on how go from La Paz to Rurrenabaque by plane.

If someone discovers the link or if there exist a link please put a comment in the bottom of this post.


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This is Andy, I went to the office of TAM and they said they were making a webpage. The office is not as nice or does not seem professional like the office of Amazonas, BUT BE WARNED

15 Kilos Maximun of luggage and 3 kilos carry on. This is not much.


As I see you now know, I was unable to find a webpage for Bolivian TAM -- although there are unrelated Brazilian and Paraguyan TAM sites. Bolivian TAM has something like 117 aircraft, including old DC-3's and various seized smuggler's aircraft.

More accessible are crash statistics for Bolivian TAM:

ASN Aviation Safety Database - TAM (click on incident/accident links for more info).

LAB (LLoyd Aero Boliviano, S.A.), the oldest Bolivian airline (1925) - 13 Boeing 727/737/767 class jets and 1 Fokker
F-27 turboprop aircraft:

Lab flies both within and outside of Bolivia. LAB route map:

AeroSur (primarily Bolivian in-country flights) - they have an aircraft inventory of seven 727/737's and 1 "nostalgia flights" DC-3. Their AeroSur Pass is lets you fly to 4 Bolivian cities in 45 days for USD $250:

AeroSur destinations map:

Líneas Aéreas Canedo (LAC), a small (1 DC-3 and one newer 4 passenger 680S Aerocommander) Bolivian in-country airline:


I find this page for TAM Bolivia


The official web page is:


Thank you for the link, it is appreciate when you help other travelers.


As usual, the website is down or nonexistent
Try (Boliviana de Aviacion) for good fares and promotions. I left Cochabamba for Lpz this morning, the flight was on time, friendly crew, nice n neat. However theyacutere serving only La Paz, Cochabamba, Santa Cruz and Tarija. I think theyacutere planning to add Cobija and Sucre in the near future.

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