I like a good normal begger anyday compared to him.

It cost me one Sole or about 25 cents U.S. to take this photos, as I had to put one Sole in his can to get him to pose, little does he know I am trying to convince people to stop putting money in these cans.

He has a badge, a can with a label, he has every sad story in the world, and I do not trust him as far as I can throw him.

It is jaded, I know; however, I do not trust anyone in the world walking around with a can in his or her hands. I have learned too many times that these types of people are thieves. In my town, I would trust about 99 percent of the people, and if there was a person walking around collecting money for the wrong reasons they would throw them in jail. Everyone is trying to take from everyone so this is normal.

If you are going to donate, give money to an old beggar, you have a better chance it is going to be used. There is no shortage of beggars on the planet and they need it more, than the help themselves collectors or money.


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I don´t think you should say that, you make people in my country look like thieves and not everyone is like that.

You see sometimes people ask for donations in the street, it is usual in here. Sometimes you can trust them, sometines not.

Please do not generalize, they are a lot of campaigns in which people ask for money in the streets with cans, but usually these kind of campagins are promoted everywhere so people know about it.

I´d apreciate if you make a correction or something because you really are making my country look bad.

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