I receive many interesting and provocative emails from people from all over the world. This is great and sometimes taxing as the internet can be very anonymous.

However, this is a false belief that you are anonymous, I can track down almost to the computer where an email came from, I am sure the FBI or CIA, and these agencies have it down to a science better than me.

I would not say it is simple, however it is interesting and fun and I extracted these IP addresses from the HEADER of an email. Normally you have to expose the HEADER or the SOURCE in the email.

Here are some IP address.

TELL me where these are from, they are real?


This information if you can apply it will help you feel safer when using a credit card online or when dealing with companies. I open do a little test to see if the people writing me are telling the truth, I have no idea why, however they also say they are traveling when they are at home.


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World Spam Map

those are your own mailserver and webserver ..

allot of spam disquises itself as coming from your own mailserver or website,, to fool you into accepting it .. so be carefull there :)

So what you do when your spammer uses an anonymous email service located outside the USA, say Bahamas.

My suggestion, just forget about it. There are idots all over the place. Especially in the Internet

This is just a guide, there a many ways to hide, however keeps the honest, honest if they know I may try to track them.

If I give you an Email (with the details) would you be able to trace it for me? Would really really appreciate it if you could.
I've had no luck but then again I'm not very good at this kind of thing...

I feel it is possible to come close to where it came from, however you do NOT get the name of the person. It is possible sometimes. I am not in the business of tracking down email for people, so the answer I guess is no.

What do you charge to trace an anonymous email to its sender? Need help in child custody case.

Could you please let me know if you undertake to trace annonymous emails, and if so what your charge would be.

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