For those of you that have been reading newsletters for years you know I went to Koh Tarutao, Thailand and made some fun of the CBS Survivor show, for way too long.

I had some Survivor groupies write me today and say there is a rumor that Survivor will filmed this spring or summer in Peru.

If anyone gets wind of when and where, please tell me, if you are in Peru and hear of GAME SHOW or see way too many Americans around, please write or comment below.

Thanks Andy in Arequipa, trying to make a Hostel for a month.
Please put in COMMENTS area below.


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hey hobo,

i read your story in the telegram and gazette in grafton mass. pretty interesting what you are doing. i'll be reading your stories regularly. you talk a lot about the women of the world. any chance you can post pics of your women friends and some stories of your times had with them. how each is compared to the other.

Hi Hobo,

Regarding the Survivor in Peru rumor......I just returned from a two week trek in Peru and while in the Sacred Valley, we actually drove past one of the challenges that the Survivor contestants had taken part in. It looked to have been some sort of Inca challenge in which they built a structure like the Incas are famous for. Just FYI....the rumors seem to be true :)

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