I want to buy this coffee maker, I have been searching for it in Thailand with no luck, I thought it was Vietnamese, but when I go to Vietnam I could not purchase. One very large reason I am wanting to get the stamp at the Cambodia border is to try to buy about 100 of these coffee strainers of filters. It is perfect for the traveler that wants coffee or tee. Sits on a cup, has a filter in the bottom and in the plate that strains the coffee. Better than the cloth ones because you can clean it, but still small enough to carry. I am hoping when I go across the Hat Lek border here in southeast Thailand I can buy one. I got this photo out so I can show vendors. The make this coffee with condensed milk in the bottom.

I tried to find this on my site, need some search words.

Coffee Filter strainer strain filters siem reap phom phen cambodia cafe restaurant.... so I can find it again with search.


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The reason you could not find it in Camboda, Thailand or Vietnam is because the cup is from Loas.


Hello from Andy in Trat. I have printed a photo to carry when I cross the Cambodia border. Everyone is always telling me the coffee maker is from Vietnam. I was not able to buy in Ho Chi Minh city. It was easy to find in Cambodia. I cannot remember Laos, but maybe it is from there. I know for sure I can buy in Phom Penh, so still working.

Hope to buy a hundred to sell on site.

I was in Saigon and you could buy this kind of coffee maker everywhere. Les Halles Centrales (Benh Tanh Market) had stacks of them. The best ones are made of steel ("inox"). The cheaper aluminium ones give the coffee a metallic aftertaste.

These coffee filters are found in Cambodia and Laos, but they definitely originate from Viet Nam and are very easy to find there.
Cambodians are not big coffee drinkers, whereas the Vietnamese are defintely big on both tea and coffee. You can see this very easily if you go to the Vietnamese areas of Phnom Penh.


If your not going to Vietnam soon and are still looking for the one cup Vietnamese screw down filter type coffee maker, a search on ebay for "Vietnamese coffee" will return several in the 10 dollar range or less, plus shipping (6/06).

I'm the one who fell in love with this filter. My friend let me try once then I keep looking for it. Fortunately, I found it in Chiang Mai yesterday hahaha!! It's just 99 THB for each I bought it a lot. Do you want some just e-mail me at


I just had "vietnamese" iced coffee for the first time and it was wonderful! I looked on the internet and found a filter for sale on Cheers.

you can buy it in any asian super market in america or cambodia if you happen to be there.

I have bought MANY of these on trips in Vietnam. Go to any of the main supermarkets and you will find them.
Have you heard about CIVET COFFEE? I have had many cups of this coffee,... rich and strong.
take a look here....

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