I will go to Chubbies Restaurant here in Orland, Indiana at 6:30 am with my parents.

They will take me to the Pilot gas station at the corner or I69 and the Indiana Toll Road to leave for Chicago at 8:20

Leave from Chicago to Amsterdam on Delta Airlines.

Leave from Amsterdam to Madrid tomorrow.

Then stay in Madrid for a few day.

Probably go for Portugal and down to Morocco.


I am not going to be around to finish watching the election results, but my instincts tell me that Bush is the winner and hopefully this drive the Europeans crazy.

Americans do not like to be told what to do or think.

Hard to understand the USA culture, but for sure the American culture loves a fight, and nobody better tell an "True" American what to do.

Ironically New York and California in my opinion are not true Americans. They are a bunch of looney tunes that need to get over their idenity crisis. I always tell them world, it is the good ole boys in the Midwest that elect the president and those out in Boston, LA, New York just make a lot of noise like children.

Damn, they just said by the Republican on TV while I am typing that Bush has won, he is beating me to the punch by one minute.


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Sir, as someone living in Southeast US, let me tell you something I noticed.

The New Yorkers that, says you, are not true Americans, are the major victims of 9/11. I wonder if they feel safer now that the "good ole boys in the Midwest" have chosen this president to "make America safe".

Don't you think it is ironic that California & New York are the states paying with their tax money the largest share of this administration decisions? In case you never heard about it, they are the richest and most productive states of US.

Now you might want to tell us about your values... I wonder if you approve that your (or your parents) property tax money should be used to improve the inner city schools, or if you demand it to be fully invested in your privileged suburban neighborhood schools.

When you are pondering the issue, please remember that the roads that drive you around your *physically* sprawled universe had been subsidized with federal money.

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