Essaouira Morocco

Sitting in new room.

1:06 PM Friday, November 19, 2004

I have arrived to the small city of Essaouira formerly called Mogador, I have this inkling that the name Essaouira is French for something, but so far, all I can maybe figure out is maybe the word “Swarm.” I will have to refer to my French friends for help on these matters. I like to know the meaning or why they named a city so I can understand their perspective culturally on why the city is here, and how people view the city.

French and more French, I for some reason did not believe I would need to talk French, but I am surrounded by French speaking people and like they say, when in Rome do as the Romans, so I guess I will speak French. Of course, I really do not have much choice as there English is just maybe above zero on the scale. My Spanish can push me through, and hand language, but really, I need to use French. I have a bunch of Language Dictionaries in my computer so I am ready to go!


I am in a house, with a family that lives up above, Samira, Ira, and I forget the Patron, but some older man that I think is French that is the father or boss of the house. My guidebook pages do no even reference this place, so I sort of took the first trustworthy feeling kid that walked up to me here and when he pointed at the beach and said he wanted to show me a Chambre or room, I decided easier to go with the flow. Therefore, I have a room alone for 60 Dirham or about 6 dollars U.S. Not bad considering I have no clue if this is a good price or a bad price, but the Hotel Magellan near the Muniria in Tangers was 40, so I think this will do, and it does have a window, and the cleaning girl is cute, so La Vie Et Belle.

Priority number one it to have my clothes cleaned at a reasonable price, and have them dry in less than a week. Tarifa was crazily prices, and I was not in Tangers long enough to have my clothes cleaned, so I am maybe seven days past normal. In addition, they wanted 20 Euros to buy a T-shirt in Tarifa, which was 18 more than I am going to pay, so I could not buy myself a clean souvenir T-shirt. Tangier was not user friendly either, so washing is my best bet.

Laver is the work to wash I hope in French.

Je voule por laver mes vêtements.

I do not need this!

I pointed at my clothes, pretended to wash or scrub them, the put my thumb, index finger and middle finger and rubbed holding them up in front of me… ? Money? Dirhams?

Dirhams, Excuse Moi, y Pain, Si Vous Plait, Merci

Money, Excuse me, and Bread, Please, Thank you; I think I am ready for the French girls on the beach. I find Frenchie likes Alfa Theory, Type A personality with fast eyes. Moi!

Ever notice how the pretty girls are not covered from head to toe, but the big and ugly one are covered. I am referring to the Burka type clothing, or I will learn what they call it here?

The sun is shining and the birds are chirping, but there is nothing green in sight, this is brown clay and sand country, with the three story French design, like Paris, Ho Chi Minh City, Phom Pehn and any place the French go they leave behind four-story building and bread. The bread is good, I think there is enough land around her to let loose of the flat or tenement concept. The can keep the balcony idea, but lose the fourth or fourth floor, and keep the roof top laundry area. Merci! I am on the third floor with no balcony presently.


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Ran across your blog inGadling and am quite fascinated. Look forward to reading both past and new posts.

Bon Voyage!


That Gadling is good fun, I will put them on my site under Travelougues.

Zhat is this§
Zill you tell me§

It is
What is this?
Will you tell me, typed on French Keyboard.

Hey...i was just reading what you had to say on essaouira. I ac tually just got back from there about a month ago. You were wondering what essaouira meant...well all i can tell you is that it comes from the arab word souira wich means picture... i think it is a great name for that city since its the kind of place you'd see on postcards...anyways...i thought your travel stories are pretty fun.

Just to correct one thing: Essaouira's Forts were built by the Portuguese not the French!!
Essaouira is not a french name It's an arab word derived from (sour): "walls"

Just to tell you something !!
im an exchange student from Morocco who is staying in the US this year and i think you have some wrong infos about Morocco !! sorry i just have to say that like when u said {Ever notice how the pretty girls are not covered from head to toe, but the big and ugly one are covered. I am referring to the Burka type clothing, or I will learn what they call it here?}
that doesn't make any sence because 98.2 of Moroccans are muslims and you know what muslims believe in !!! they believe in covering their bodies and that's their relegion there is nothing to do with them being ugly or pretty !!! sorry i just have to correct you because it was kinda offencive for a Moroccan Muslim girl !!!! Thank you and i hope i will hear from you soon and we can talk more about this subject !!!
Oumaima :)

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