Spend the night here in the country of Bangladesh, city of Dhaka, then leave tomorrow for country of Nepal.

I will then spend 10 days here in the city of Katmandu, Nepal and hopefully go to the Everest Base Camp.

Strange trip, but the ticket is cheaper.


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Hello, why aren't you staying more in Bangladesh ? I am a Bangladeshi, and am very shocked to know that you will stay here only for a night! The place that you chosen (Dhaka), although the capital city, is the ugliest and noisiest. There is more things to see at Chittagong and sylhet. Anyway, wish you a good journey. In dhaka, there are two or three hotels that can be suitable for first-world guests like you - one is Sheraton, the other is Sonargaon (pronounced as Hotel Shonar Gaao). Please make caution when you go out of the airport, deal with people, hire taxis, talk with strangers and keep your things safe. Do not move around in Dhaka at late night with money with you ... after all these - wish you again a nice and enjoyable journey - Bon Voyage

My plane ticket with something Air Bangladesh only allow one night. I loved the place, but only had one night, I previewed and will return again. Thanks for the advice.

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