I was planning to leave this morning at 7:00 for Snoul, Cambodia,  but last night when we were suppose to pick up our Passports with the Vietnam Visa inside at 6:00 they were not ready and we had to pick up after 7:00. I do not like when thing are not clear or simple and consider this a good way to have problems.


It was sort of funny and my Japanese friends instantly said,“Oh, the path is not clear.”

They had earlier asked me,

“Why have you not visited Japan.”

I said,

“I am not sure, but to me I do not know a clear path to enter Japan, it appear complicated and very expensive, there is no way to just enter Japan without maybe spending way too much money for the value.”

We discussed the idea of a clear path for awhile, so when I did not go to Snoul this morning they understand to me the path was not clear.

I have thanked them for making the path to Japan clear to me, they told me that Japan is still cheaper than France and England, and they told me in the Lonely Planet Japan there are list of house like places where I should be able to rent a room for a month for 10 dollars a night, plus they have given me their emails and I trust them. I do not trust all travelers I meet to be responsible people and in reality the traveler is on the low list of responsible people. But this couple is on my high list of people or responsible nature and have shown me the path to Japan.

Today I will get on the path to Snoul again.


I have received a few letter from my mother, she seems concerned and worried about me going to Vietnam, and I am for sure getting the feeling that she does not want me to go to Vietnam.

My older brother could have been drafted and gone to Vietnam, I know people that died in Vietnam, my mother know better than me because I was just an 18 year old kid when the war ended.

So I suppose, her thoughts are always have been and will always be,

“I don’t want my boy to go to Vietnam.”

30 years later and it is still the emotion and the same thought, I am not sure what my mother is thinking, but I have learned that one I feel something and think something it does not go away, it is possible for me to feel the same place and time again. I can think of past relationships and feel the pain or the happiness, hard to say I have resolved the issues, just more that I have placed them on a lower intensity burner of the stove.


“My mother does not want me to go to Vietnam.”

That is my feeling, my mother respect me too much to give me an order, so it is just a thought, and being that my father is the same person as my mother and they are really one person made up of two people I would assume he agrees with her.

Vietnam has changed and I personally do not have much curiosity about the Vietnam people or the war, it to me is just another country, and the war was a slaughter by the U.S. Army. We killed some 4-5 Million people in Vietnam fighting a legitimate war and lost 58,000 U.S. men. Stack it up any way you wish, there is was huge victory for the USA as it performed the goal of keeping China and Russia from making all of Asia into communist countries. So with a Victory I can go and visit as a tourist, as much as I can now go visit Russia and China. North Korea and Iran are still difficult.


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you idiot hobo.
vietnam was not a "huge" victory for the USA,it was a defeat.
better go there son and get an education,this was a civil war and was al about liberating vietnam from the french and then the americans.
ia am amazed at your pid ignorance-start redaing the history books you dickhead.

Gee Mark, maybe it's you who have it all wrong. Maybe you had to have been there as an advisor with South Vietnamese (i.e., the Nationalists) troops to understand what the war was really about. Ask the people up north what was the worst experience in their lives, and it was the war. As the south vietnamese was their worst experience was, and they'll tell you it was the period following 'liberation', and they mean it just like that. Of course, the great majority of Vietnamese today have no memory of the war years, and could care less.

Was it a civil war? Yes, it was. Between two internationally recognized states who both had the right to seek allies. In case you speak Vietnamese, you'll notice that the people in the South generally refer to the war as the "North-South War", not the "American War", which is the official term up north. Have I found South Vietnamese who really dislike the Americans? Yes I have. And the reason? They blame us for bugging out and leaving them to the Communists.

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